Back With A Bang: The Lady Boys Of Bangkok

I was invited to see the Lady Boys of Bangkok show last week. I have had so many friends who have been and said it was brilliant fun, so how could I really say no? I took my friend Paula and we couldn't wait to see what the show had in store. 

We bought wine and sat back to enjoy ourselves. Now let me tell you right now the stars had some of the best figures I have ever seen and were absolutely stunning. I was totally jealous!

It was such a fun show, there were people up dancing and singing, audience members laughing and waving their arms along with the music. The stars were so professional and fun, they just seemed to be having a great time as well. I remember at one point texting my mum and telling her she HAD to come and see it because it was just so much fun.

It was totally tongue in cheek and a brilliant night out, I had no idea what to expect but it totally surpassed what I thought and it was so entertaining I was booking tickets to see it again by the end of the evening!

I absolutely had a great time and it is a wonderful fun show to go and see. Really riotous and great for those who are ready to party. I'd recommend it for a big girls night out, or even a birthday or just a fun way to brighten your evening.


Much Love


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