Christmas Has Arrived: Christmas At Sainsburys

Sometimes you find yourself looking forward to events every single year, and the Sainsbury's press event is like that for me. It isn't Christmas until I've seen what new Christmas cheese Sainsbury's are launching.,,Can we please all remember the fig and salted caramel last year. It was AMAZING. Off we went very excited to see what was going to be released. 

Firstly the decorations are really impressive for what is essentially a supermarket brand, lots of different looks, from vintage Christmas to navy and silver snow palace looks. I'm a fan of the classic look I have to say. Claire from French for Cupcake was absolutely loving the wooden reindeers, they're a fabulous feature for any Christmas table or mantle.

For the modern room there's the gorgeous whites and silvers of the snowy Christmas decor, penguins, polar bears, you can create your own ice kingdom indoors, it always makes me think of Adventure Time and the Ice King.

One of my favourite parts of the whole event was trying the local produce, from mince pies, to cinnamon infused apple juices, fruit cakes and sponges. We got the most stunning steak cooked for us, and marmalade sausages, it was seriously tasty. 

Sainsbury's of course have a whole range of fashion and this year there's some lovely dress pieces for Christmas. What I love about the event is that the local staff model the clothes so it's a great way of seeing the clothes on and get a great idea about how it looks. My absolutely favourite piece was the red orchid dress, beautiful little piece you could bring out to feel festive but also really easy to wear through the year.

Favourite pieces from the collection were the Mr and Mrs mugs, sorry I know, I know but I'm still a newly wed! The collection of texture gorgeous cushions, snowflakes, wool and fur, just yum. And finally the little touches of the Christmas tree napkin ring.

Of course you're all dying to know what the feature Christmas cheese is for this year? 


It's sticky toffee pudding! I can't wait to try the sticky toffee pudding cheese when it pops into store.

Much Love


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