Hairlicious: My Daily Hair Saviours

Any girl who wears her hair long will probably tell you that if it isn't thrown up then we need some serious fire power in the way of daily styling products. Since mine has been growing and I've been wearing it curly I've run into some styling hassles. On a day with any kind of moisture at all it'll frizz and be a general pain, as the week wears on oilier roots but dry ends and of course the wind blasting the living daylights out of my curls. Living in Ireland is not easy on the hair.

Thankfully I've discovered some firm favourites which totally save the day. As this month's Gordon's Chemist Blogger in Residence I took the opportunity to grab some of my favourite styling products and show you all what I cannot live without.

1. Batiste Dry Shampoo- XXL Volume
Do I really need to tell you about this? Well you all know the dry shampoo element, but this has the extra wham of added volumising so you can get volume and a shampoo in one fell swoop. When I see people complaining about dry shampoo it's usually because of the white powder residue it can leave. That is usually if you don't rub it in and then brush it through. That's my main tip for dealing with dry shampoo, always brush it through. My other dry shampoo tip is put it on before you go to bed at night and it will work into your hair and give it volume and lift for the morning. Works a treat.

2. Got 2 Be- Rise n' Shine
I'm not really a big hair spray user but this one has wormed its way into my heart. It adds shine and volume and isn't heavy and crunchy. It's strong enough to keep the curls in place without making them wet looking. If you use it lightly you'll get a nice shine with hold.

3. Got 2 Be- Oil-licious Dry Oil Mist
We actually need to talk about how amazing this is, this can lives in my bag every day and I adore it. You must all buy this if you have dry, coarse, or dull hair. I use it when I brush my hair in the morning and it's a little frizzy and undefined. I spray this on and it is totally weightless it takes away all frizz and adds a lovely shine and smoothness. It is definitely a finishing product for every day upkeep with your hair but I completely adore it. There have been times where I can't put pump oil onto my hair as it leaves the hair greasy unless you want to blow dry it through but this is totally perfect for dry hair. I have started stockpiling. 

Three fabulous hair saviours which keep my hair happy. They are all available at Gordon's Chemists now, give them a try and let me know how you get on!

Much Love

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