Interiors Bliss: Atelier Opens In Belfast

You all know how much I love interiors, especially as we are still decorating our house. When I heard that Atelier was opening in Belfast I was there in a heart beat. The bespoke design house, they collect pieces from all over and create ideal rooms. 

I'm more than a little obsessed with vintage and especially mid century interiors (hello any readers of this blog will know that well) so you can imagine my glee that there's a floor dedicated to mid century design.

The installation featured live models and various show rooms along with products and a variety of pieces which could be purchased.

Gorgeous retro florals and a cushion cover that I absolutely must have. I loved the update on angelic style. That chair, so much love for the shape and design, I would have two or three in my house if I could, I'm already working out when I can go back!

The neat freak in me loved the visual order of the tea towels ordered in colour waves.

There were so many beautiful pieces which I could happily have put in my house. From sideboards to ceramics and custom wallpapers and soft furnishings There's a fabulous vintage section with key pieces brought in from France. The townhouse has been transformed into stylish showrooms and an office for custom design. It is located just round the corner from City Hall so pop in if you get the chance there's a lot of inspiration to be had! 

Much Love

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