Read All About It: Inanity and the Girl Hits Vintage Life

I've been a big fan of Vintage Life for a long time now, mainly because it's a totally vintage orientated magazine full of clothing, style, tutorials, baking, crafts, make up and general gorgeousness. One of the best things is that there's no body loathing to common in women's magazines, just loads of amazing vintage loving girls celebrating their style and their talents.

So as you can imagine I'm delighted to be featured in their December issue as their Blogger of the Month.

They asked me questions about blogging, vintage style and my best and worst vintage buys! 
You guys know how much I hate having my photo taken so it has been a really big push for me to actually put photos of myself out there, actually to stand and have them taken was tough enough.
I am really chuffed to be in the magazine though, I have been quickly flipping past my pages because I can't look too long at pictures BUT I'm delighted! It's a really big jump for me.

Thanks to the guys at Vintage Life for having me this month, and do check out the magazine because it is terrific especially for vintage lovers 

Much Love

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