Riverside Rose: My Current Favourite Lip Product

I was having a nosy around Gordon's Chemists, mainly I was in picking up a prescription so meandered over to the make up stands while I waited. I spotted an entirely new section on NYC for the new City Proof lip colour pencils. Well colour me happy, I whacked one of each of the colours in my basket and off I trotted to the checkout and to pick up my script on the way past. Oh Gordon's how you fuel my make up addiction. 

 I've used all of the colours but the one I've found myself constantly reaching for is NYC Riverside Rose. It's a pinky, plummy, brown and I'm wearing it in the pictures above. It's a really easy colour to wear, basically it will go with anything and give you that touch of colour on your lips without being a full lipsticked colour.

You all know that I have some kind of weird lipstick intolerance, it's not that I don't like it, not at all. I mean I look at pictures of girls with stunning dark lipsticks and I seethe with jealousy but I just can't do it. I get so stressed out when I wear lipstick, I always am panicking that it's come off and I 'm left with a big red line round my mouth and, urgh it's just too much faff for me. Give me a dark eye and a nude lip any day.

These though are great little weapons for your purse, first of all they're a lighter sheeny consistency, heavier than a balm lighter than a lipstick. They go on really easily and you don't need liner, they also wear off pretty easily and you aren't left with weird patches. BUT, it does mean you can wear some of the darker colours in the range and not worry about it. They're also softer and moister than long wear lippies and a bargain. 

Give them a shot and see what I mean!

Much Love

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