Skincare and Sparkle: The Body Shop Belfast Gets Christmassy

I was invited to The Body Shop last week to see their Christmas goodies. They are always known for Christmas lushness, for me I always associate The Body Shop with their lip balms they were the staple of my teenage years, blazer pocket at least two pots at any time on the go. Nowadays I still have far too many lip products but I've only really used The Body Shop's skin tools or their body butters and hand creams. It was interesting though as I was completely unaware of the skincare and make up lines in store and the fact that some of those products are enormous best sellers.

The Vitamin E cream is still the flying-off-the-shelves best seller but hot on its heels is the Nutriganics range which is plant based and packs quite the punch if the studies are anything to go by. 
The best part of it is, that if you have no idea what you should be doing with your skin then you can book in at The Body Shop and their skincare expert will do a skin analysis, talk you through the range, give you some recommendations AND a facial. Gorgeous right?

The make up range was a total surprise to me, their BB cream is one of the best selling pieces in store. The All In One BB Cream is a lovely piece, I have the 00 shade and it's really dewy and light and gives that natural look as it blends straight into your skintone. For those who like more coverage you can built it up but do remember it's only a BB cream, just a rather lovely light one. 

I also had to buy the Baked To Last bronzer and blush which are HUGE. They're baked, shimmery, solid and I think will probably last forever. There's a lot of pigment in them, they're very rich in tones and a little goes a long way. I also bought the Lip and Cheek Doll Special Edition which is an adorable bottle in the shape of a doll head. It's similar to Benetint in that it works on your lips and cheeks, but it is highly pigmented. I mix mine in with my Strobe Cream and make a shimmery blush with it.

The Glazed Apple Sparkler, had to be my absolute favourite part of the collection. It's scented with the glazed apple fragrance and is a dust of sparkles, you can spray it on your body or your hair for a beautiful shine, I have mine upstairs and it is so pretty. It's really easy to go mad with it though, I've had it all over my hair and shoulders, brows and skin. There's a point where you have to step back from the sparkles. 

In all I was really surprised at the depth of the ranges The Body Shop has now, I'd highly encourage you all to check out the Sparklers for Christmas and of course that brilliant BB Cream!

Much Love 

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