Tea Parties and Flamingoes : The One Where I Fuel My Vintage Tea Cup Problem

As work continues apace in Casa Inanity I've been making list upon list for Himself to do DIY wise. I've also got an Etsy list so long it would take me years to clear it. The odd thing about putting a house together is how fascinated you get with really odd choices. For instance, recently I've taken a serious shine to everything flamingo orientated, I have an entire section on Etsy dedicated to the pink ones. 

Recently I've been dying to get my shelves up in the kitchen. The main reasoning is because I keep buying cook books and vintage crockery and I really need somewhere to put it. 

Up went my shelves, I've got more things to add to them but I couldn't resist snapping a few quick pictures. There's a few sneaky funko pops in there. I wanted to keep the kitchen really vintage in style, quirky in places and with all the tea cups and pieces that I love seeing. Since I've gotten my kitchen I've been enjoying the space, having so much room is such a lovely treat, being able to decorate it in the style I love is just beyond lovely for me.



With my birthday came more of my favourite things! Teacups. I've added more to my Salem Tricorne set in mandarin which I just adore, also I got some fabulous pieces from my favourite designer Disaster Designs. Lovely Claire from French for Cupcake bought me the gorgeous cake covered frilly giant teacup and then I tracked down the impossible to find flamingo teacups with loads of insane emails sent to suppliers!

Recently we've put up my favourite piece in the house, the superhero pug. A birthday present from the husband this one is now on the wall, the cape kills me every time. 

I've also finally gotten my hare lamps set up on our beside table, alongside the Mr and Mrs signs. Abigail Ahern has sort of taken over our house when I've been decorating. I think the main thing we've found about keeping with a vintage style has been to go with what you like and keep your shapes classically vintage.

How did you guys decorate?

Much Love

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