Vintage Dreams: Bedroom Decorating

We've finally got to the point where we are starting to decorate our bedroom. I've grabbed my trusty atomic 1950s colour chart. In our living room we have dark greens, red and a cluster of browns turquoises and all sorts of random things. It occurred to me when I bought my flamingo wallpaper that the colours were going to be dusty pink and grey but also a little yellow, mixing many of the different atomic colours in accents.

I've taken inspiration from this picture with the accents and the atomic retro style of the bed with the plush buttoning.  I always think grey is a really forgiving colour and although a lot of people think it isn't right for a bedroom I think it's a really classy restful colour. 

I think something like a retro styled record player or key cushion patterns is a good way to throw colour into a very neutral base. Bedrooms though have to be restful places, they need to be plush and full of texture and pattern and comfortable. You want a really peaceful surround, for example I'm an advocate of no televisions in the bedroom, now obviously if you share a house with a load of other people a television in your bedroom is the only way to keep you sane but if you have your own living room etc get that tv out of your bedroom.

I've had to start limiting the amount of books I have in my bedroom also just because I find myself reading way past the time that I know I should be asleep and then I'm usually exhausted in the morning. It all adds up to making the call for a restful night's sleep.

 I've compiled my top ways to make your bedroom the restful place of your dreams:
1. Ban the tv from your bedroom, unless you don't have one elsewhere.
2. Storage. Don't go mad, but make sure you have enough to get rid of the clutter.
3.Texture. I love furry throws, woollen blankets, soft rugs, anything that speaks to your senses.
4. It might seem obvious, but make sure your bed is comfortable, if you need to change your mattress do it. An investment in your sleep is an investment in your life.
5. Lamps. Before bedtime turn on your lamps so you can get into that dimmer light and prepare your body for sleep, should it be reading or listening to an audiobook.
6. Push the mute button on your d├ęcor. It might look amazing in an interiors magazine but really bright colours and loud patterns could disrupt your sleep horribly.

Enjoy decorating your bedroom,
Much Love

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