Vintage London: Inanity Hits The Big Smoke

Obligatory lift selfie, Liberty and Choccywockyunicorn

A couple of weeks ago I hit London with the husband, he was working and I was in meetings but consequently it did mean that I got to do whatever I wanted. Not that I don't enjoy spending time with my Mr but let me tell you there is only so much time Mr Inanity can watch me mull over two toners without wanting to throw himself in front of traffic. So off I went on no-one's mission but my own!

We stayed at the Mandeville Hotel in Marylebone, for those of you who don't know London very well, it's right behind Oxford Street which was very handy. The thing about the Mandeville that I liked was how decidedly quirky it was, it really rocked the vintage vibe with a little undercut of cool.  I was lucky enough to take tea there, The Reform Social and Grill does an afternoon tea and a gentleman's tea, many of you will be delighted to hear that you can get freeflowing bubbles with your tea so you can have a little cake and fizz. 

The Reform Social and Grill

The decor in the Mandeville was fabulously irreverent, something I always like in my hotels. My plan for the break in London was simple. I was going to relax, I was going to hit all the places I've wanted to go and enjoy the vintage things I love about the city. So after my vintage tea I headed to Liberty to enjoy the thoroughly vintage and see if they had their Christmas shop open yet. I did a little meander around the store, made a quick detour to PIXI for their glow tonic (mandatory).

Mandeville Hotel

It was then a sharp turn up to Choccywockydooda, where I pretty much just stared at the chocolate and salivated. I OF COURSE bought some little chocolate discs for myself and Mr Inanity, and as a tribute to my self control they made it back to the hotel! The late afternoon was spent pounding the streets of Soho and then settling into a coffee shop for a flat white and a read of my new book The Miniaturist. Is there anything better than reading in a comfy coffee shop watching the world go by?

Chockywockydooda and their unbelievable creations

 The next day I grabbed my bag and hopped on the Northern Line, weekends mean Camden town. So off I went and let me tell you girls, the mecca of Hellbunny dresses I found was incredible, including pieces which can no longer be found online. There are so many fabulous vintage boutiques in Camden, I hit a few of the vintage shops hard, and left with a few key pieces including these incredible red cat eye sunglasses which I just adore. I wear these constantly!

Camden town, Cheshire Cheese, and cat-eye sunglasses
 I took a little meander out of Camden and up by Chalk Farm to Primrose Hill, I really wanted another good coffee and the time to read more of my book. So I sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine and relaxed.

The underground, Primrose Hill, Reform Social and Grill cocktails

 Sunday was a little jaunt and a brunch in St Christophers Square, located sneakily behind Oxford Street. I popped into Beyond Retro as any good vintage fan has to. They have some really lovely pieces, I highly recommend checking out some of their prom dresses, I fell in love with one of them but honestly couldn't justify buying another dress!

Beyond Retro

So that was my very vintage inspired weekend in London, it's lovely to take off by yourself and do whatever takes your fancy, especially with such an enormous city at your disposal.

What would you guys do if you had the whole city at your feet?

Much Love

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