12 Days Of Christmas Must Haves: Day 7 The Winter Coat

Ah the winter coat. I'm still dithering around it. I've not committed to a winter coat yet this year, I know welcome to my shopping list. I've narrowed it down to two which for me is a big deal I normally mull over it for months and then it's summer and there's no point any more. So my picks for the winter coats are one of these two beauts.

Ah the Collectif Pearl Coat, I've actually been dribbling over this online for ages but every time I cave and go to buy it it's out of stock. So I'm not sure if it's a sign or just a seriously popular coat.

Second up is the purple furry duffle from Marks and Spencers, I tried this on in store and took some pictures to try and work out if it was a good'un. I think so. These are my favourites anyway.
Tell me your favourite and also have you picked your winter coat yet?

Much Love and Furriness

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