12 Days Of Christmas Must Haves: Day Two Soho's Alternative Christmas Wear

It's day two and we're talking clothing! If you missed yesterday you can check it out here. Today though I'm all about Christmas fashion. There has been a crazy upsurge in the last few years for ugly Christmas jumpers, in fact the uglier the better. Last year I sported a rather pretty little black pug Christmas jumper but that has been the closest I've got to the trend. 

 Due to this, I wanted to put together two little looks which you can wear at Christmas as a really simple pretty alternative to the festive horror that is the Christmas jumper.

I selected these pieces for your Christmas Day from the fabulous alternative store Sohos who stock these fabulous retro inspired looks. I seem to bulk buy my Hellbunny dresses from them as they always have the new lines immediately when they come out so the popular sizes and colours aren't gone, if I told you my many tales of woe where I had wished for the foresight to bulk buy dresses I love before they disappear, but I digress. Back to the clothing.

The dress is by Voodoo Vixen, it's the Susie Meow Dress in red. 
The plaid style polka dots and wide collar are really festive, I've teamed it with the Banned Faux Fur Collar Green Cardigan, to really bring the Christmas into the look. The Susie Meow dress is a woollen material and the XL that I'm wearing is a UK 12. There is no give to the material at all, so if you're in doubt size up as it is very true to size. Sohos have size charts below their items anyway so you can check your measurements against the fit.

The cardigan has a detachable faux fur leopard print collar which is totally adorable. I took it off to style this dress as the Susie Meow has it's own wide retro collar.

As for the accessories, you guys all know I am obsessed with polka dots. I had to show you this, I'm wearing two different hair accessories, the red glitter bow was a gift from Claire from French for Cupcake, the black polka dot hair band is from Banned apparel and it's wired so that your little ties will stay jaunty. Anyone who wants to do the Brigette Bardot look, or wants an elaborate vintage updo with a band needs one of these. 

My second choice was the rather fabulous Whispering Ivy Sleeveless Keyhole Dress. You're gonna love this one for a variety of reasons but the main Christmas themed reason you're going to love it is because it STRETCHES. So when you've had that second helping of pudding, this dress will still be your friend. See I knew you would like that.

There's a little keyhole tie at the top, which can we just say right now is adorable and a little cheeky.

I asked my husband to take a picture of the body of the dress and got this, well he did take a picture of the dress I suppose. One of the benefits of the stretchy fabric is that it doesn't restrict any of your assets but if you're gifted in the chest region be aware of this especially if you like a little control in the chest. Adjust underwear accordingly.

So girls those are my two adorably alternative Christmas outfits, one is warm and plaid for carol singing, the other is stretchy and a little saucy for a big dinner and some drinks and of course you have your cute cardigan to keep you cosy. Perfect and retro themed. 

You can check out the guys at Sohos here if you want to pick up your vintage goodies.

Much Love

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