The 12 Days of Christmas Must Haves: Day 8 The Comic Book

You read correctly folks. Comic books, long the preserve of teenage boys have moved on, a lot since that stereotype was created. Now there's a huge array of styles, writers, genres, artists, subject matters. From indie art-house to big DC and Marvel Superhero comics, there's a whole lot of choice.

It's not always easy though to take the first step into a foreign land like this though, and I understand. We don't want to appear like the pastiche girl from many geek shows, so here's where to start.

I have a husband who loves Batman, so I've never been completely devoid of comic book heroes, we watch the Marvel movies so I know my Thor from my Iron Man. The point was though, I wasn't that interested in reading about these superheroes I wanted something a little different, cooler, smaller than the large franchises. So I went into my local comic book stores and I wandered around the new releases. I figured if I didn't know what I wanted maybe something interesting was beginning or would catch my eye. And it did.

I picked up the new series Bitch Planet, which is all about an all female penal colony in space, written in a Grindhouse aesthetic, also containing a fabulous feminist essay at the back and stunning art, I also picked up ODY-C, a retelling of Homer's Odyssey in space, with all female characters. A combination of science fiction and ancient Greek legend, with a healthy dose of fabulous space captains.

My final pick was purely aesthetic, I loved this cover and I'd never read any Catwoman, I picked it up to see if I could make it work. It was interesting but too far into the series for me to really connect with it. My thinking was, cast my net far and wide, see what I dig and see what I don't. It's really paid off as I have a massive list of things I now want to subscribe to.

So why should you start checking out comics?

1. They're hugely imaginative
2.The art is different, there's so many styles to choose from.
3. A glimpse into a world of storytelling.
4. The whole package, of art, story and concept in one.
5. A quick read, so you never have to complain you don't have time
6. Aesthetically pleasing.
7. The option of short or long series.

So I encourage you all to venture out into the local comic book store and start trying out the range of comics you like!

Much Love

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