Bye Bye Lash Curlers: Benefit Launch Roller Lash

There are a lot of things you expect to be in lorries, cargo, boxes, random packing of the things I don't expect is a 1950's style beauty salon, but that's exactly what we got. A gloriously designed haven on the back of an enormous big-rig which will be touring the UK and Ireland to promote Benefit's new product ROLLER LASH.

 Face of the day was very natural with a lot of liner, and of course the Bardot hair! I had to take a quick picture mainly because the whole decor of the place was so on point and so vintage that I actually wanted to take it all home with me. The atomic decor, the hair drier lights-perfection.

 The girls all came in and got settled, Claire from French for Cupcake had her fabulous cape put on by the wonderfully suave Jordan, and Ruth from Willow Lane is of course modelling hers beautifully.

The girls are all in situ and getting ready to find out what is in store!

And here it is, Roller Lash!

So what is it? 
Roller lash is brand new launch from Benefit, its design is based on creating the best curl from the newly designed mascara wand.  A wand based on the principles of retro salon rollers, to grip and curl the hair or in this case the lashes. 

The wand has a selection of strategically placed hooks which grab the lash and grip it, pulling it up like scissors do to Christmas ribbon. There's a special set of smaller bristles at the bottom designed for the bottom lashes, smaller to grab the lower lashes and get all the hairs.

The mascara is very pretty, sorry but it is. I can attest to how hard it is to get that really good shade of vintage coral pink, mainly because I've been trying to decorate the house with it and it is nigh on impossible to get it just right. The rose pinks are more French shabby chic and I'm after an atomic powder coral pink...if you find one let me know.

I digress.

The cut out diamond packaging and sheer vintage salon gorgeousness of it is rather lush. The little ribbed lip at the lid actually takes off the excess mascara so you aren't using too much, the nice thing is, that is helps you avoid that super clumpy finish.

So what is it like on?

I popped a coat on my lashes, used the hook side to wiggle it through and get the lashes grabbed and curled. You guys know that I normally get my lashes LVL'd to get them to curl because they're so straight but I haven't had that done since October, so I'm very overdue. It meant though that my lashes were nice and straight to try out Roller Lash though. You can see the results below.

2 coats of curling Roller Lash, really did fan out my lashes. No doubt about it the wand definitely curls the lashes. I don't tend to buy curling mascaras any more but they never work, this one though definitely works.

My lashes got a nice curl, the one thing I found about the formula on my lashes is it does seem to smudge onto my lids, I think it's perhaps my lashes as I have the same issue with They're Real, so it's probably the creamy formula, but most people don't seem to have that problem. 

Roller Lash hits the counters on 28th February

So there you go folks, if you want curled lashes, this will definitely do it for you!
Thank you Benefit for a gorgeous event and you know if you're ever done with your salon and want to park it in my garden...feel free!

Much Love

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