Inanity's Spring Skincare Saviours : The Good and The Pretty

With the oncoming spring guess what girls, it's time to shake up our skincare for the less cold days, the ongoing rain but the slight chance of sunshine. I wanted to put together a little post of what I'm using at the minute and give you guys a little glimpse into what I'm loving.

 1. Sunday Riley Juno Face Oil

When I went to the Space NK Sunday Riley launch, I not only got to meet Caroline Hirons but I also won this absolute little beauty. For those of you who are like 'Sunday Who?' I feel you, I wasn't really aware of her so I decided to just try the product and let it speak for itself, if it was going to.  This is a really potent face oil, filled with antioxidants, superfood oils, it's designed to protect, illuminate, hydrate and feed the skin. I use it when my skin is looking particularly lacklustre, I don't always use it every night but you only use 3/4 drops and it layers beautifully with other products. You can massage it into the skin and it disappears and softens.

It is an expensive purchase though, at around £98, if you're looking for a heavy duty feeding oil for your skin, this is a great one. I don't know if I hadn't won if I would have forked out for it, I do definitely think it's a great product though, it just seems to be so rich in all these skin goodies and your skin looks great when you use it, especially those of us like me with dry skin.

I love it, but it's pricey. If you get a chance call into Space NK and feel it!

2. Pixi Glow Tonic

I picked this up when I was in London, it's a cult product for a reason. When I went to their boutique in Soho the tiny white shop was pretty much all orange just from the amount of Pixi Glow they stock to make all of us skincare lunatics happy.
For those who don't know, Pixi Glow is an exfoliating toner, this will again illuminate, strip away those old skin cells and give you a whole new face. I know what you're thinking, 'Dawn is everything you use illuminating?' Um yes, you can put the word, glow, dewy, brightening, or illuminating in front of anything and I will buy it.
This is cult for good reason though, it will make your skin look great, use it after cleansing to provide lots of lovely new skin cells for your serums and moisturisers to get to work on.

 3. Ole Henriksen- Truth Serum Collagen Booster

A light serum, bursting with citrus, this one is yum. I layer this one with another serum and an oil. It's a lovely boosting serum, full of vitamin C, grapefruit, for antioxidents and illuminating. This little potion will help your skin cell turnover, it'll brighten and soothe inflammation and boost collagen.  It's really light, you can wear this day and night, layer or leave under make up.

 This is a really versatile little power product.

4. Yves Rocher- Serum Vegetal

This one was a surprise to me, new from the world of Yves Rocher the French skincare giants. They've just released serum Vegetal and it comes in night and day creams. Best thing for me about the products, no mineral oil, no parabens and no silicon. Another lovely light cream, I do like a light cream, anything heavy and claggy gives me spots (not hot). Packed with plant power, it's an all over moisturiser for everyone, it's not full of nasties. This is your all round happy time moisturiser, and it's a total bargain coming in around £10.

 5. Sunday Riley- Start Over, Active Eye Cream

This was recommended for me by Caroline Hirons at the Sunday Riley launch, I've been looking for a good eye cream that was going to protect and prevent rather than fix.
This one is designed to brighten, cool and lift. This is the cream that you whack on after a hard night, and expect it to do miracles. Although I'm not worried at the moment about bags, I do worry about texture, and this cream is designed to target crows feet and the dreaded crepeyness. More vitamin C, more liquorice, I'm finding this a real theme in the products I'm loving at the moment, vit C for brightness and nourishment and liquorice to brighten again.

I did wince a little when I paid for this at £65 it isn't cheap, but lets get real for a minute, it's 30ml and much bigger than most eye creams which come in those tiny little tubes, this is a good solid glass bottle with a proper dispenser. You normally get around 15ml from most eye creams and that's about £20/30 so size wise it isn't that bad.

It's light, easy to wear, and sinks nicely into the skin. Definitely one to check out.

6. Iluma by Image Skincare-Intensive Lightening Serum

I've been using this for ages and I love it. It is great for skin blotches, scars, horrible red marks from spots, general discolouration (salutes). Essentially this fabulous little dropper, three to four drops and your skin is bright, and clear. I adore it, it's a rebuy for me...I know I know another brightener, evens out the skin tone makes you look stunning.

7. Yes To Tomatoes- Daily Balancing Moisturiser

This one is for combination skin but it is a fabulous little moisturiser, loads of natural ingredients, hydrating, great natural boosters. You can just throw this on and go. I'm a fan.

So that's what I'm using at the minute. Tell me what your favourite products are at the odd skincare time of year.

Much Love

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