What Your Everyday Make Up Says About You

Ever wondered what your everyday make up says about you? Whether you're elaborate or a barely there kind of girl which one are you?

1. The lipstick only lover

You're fresh and bold. You don't worry about conventions, in fact you willingly fly in the face of them. You want to be considered low key but also retain that little bit of glamour, we're willing to bet that pout is pretty fantastic too. Lipstick always seems to pull and coif a look into existence.  Our lipstick only girl is a head on sort, she's saying 'look how flipping fabulous I am, but look how little effort I've made because I don't care what you think' we love her.

2. Mascara and only mascara

The high school special! This look is beloved not only by school girls because of its natural look but also women who want to keep their make up low key but retain a little bit of flutter. The lashes are a really feminine aspect of  the face, accentuating them with a bare face is the modern equivalent of a flash of ankle. The girl who just wears mascara is confident, she's understated but knows her best features. This girl wants the freedom of a bare face but the little bit of definition her mascara gives her, flirty and forthright. 

3. Nudes, Nudes, Nudes

Nudes, beautiful and light. The nude wearer is a chameleon, toning down and muting the full force of their image. Wearing nudes well requires skill and an ability to blend flawlessly.  The nudes wearer is someone who wants to appear both well groomed but not obviously so, classic, soft, professional, and flawlessly effortless.

4. Underline It

The girl who wears an upper and lower kohl line is making her point. A heavy kohled eye is all about the mystique and the rock vibe. During the day the girl who wears lashings of kohl loves her rebellious streak and probably has some rock vibes that she wants to display even during the day. The kohled eye is a standout piece of make up, focusing and bringing the eye into the picture. The girl who loves her kohl is our inner rebel at heart.

5. The Cat-eye

Our cat eye girls mean business. It can be quite an undertaking to get those perfect cat eye lines every morning, so these girls are tenacious. I've always said don't mess with a woman who has a perfect cat eye eyeliner every day, because they are persistent and overt. The cat eye is a lot vintage with a foot in rock and roll, this girl loves her style and is happy to be bold.

6. Falsie Flutter

The girl who loves her daily falsies is a glamour puss. This girl won't be beaten on style and preening. You are high maintenance and you are proud of it, and so you should be, if you're applying lashes every morning, you should get a medal for your serious skills. This girl is a fan of looking her best at all times and every street is her runway, dress down Friday? Don't make me laugh!

7. Nothing at all

The nothing at all girl is a free spirit, she's confident and doesn't care who knows it. She loves her natural look, and those around her love it too, we're betting some even envy it. This girl doesn't need to worry about whether her eyeliner has smudged and it leaves her with more time to get things done. Beauty isn't just skin deep, she embraces how beautiful she already is.

We're just having a little fun with this one today, of course at Inanity and the Girl we believe all women are stunning exactly how they are and how they want to be make up or no. Our issue was trying to pick which one we were most of the time! We hope you have fun trying to work it out too!

Which one do you think you are? Or are you a whole other look?

Much Love

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