Summer in the City: SPARBQ Brings the Local Into the City

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The SparBQ is fast becoming one of the main events of the season, with Spar getting more and more involved with providing local quality produce it now has become quite a gourmet affair. 

This was my first ever SparBQ, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect but I needn't have worried it more than lived up to my expectations. With the mouthwatering smells emanating from the barbecue, which was in very capable hands, the lovely wine, everyone was talkative and enjoying the open roof of AM:PM's tree house. 


The spread was absolutely enormous, and the array of choice was huge, it was really difficult not to just eat everything, but I restrained myself with a hot dog, and the wide variety of salads on offer along with a mellow, plummy glass of red wine.

summer barbecue

Everyone was chatting and enjoying the local produce which was all available at Spar from local farmers and providers. The local agri-food sector is massively supported by the new Spar range, creating a win-win for both farmers and shoppers alike, we get lovely local produce and local agriculture gets a boost. Wonderful. 


If you're in Spar check out their range of local produce, it's lovely to know exactly where your food is coming from. I highly recommend the burgers and sausages for all of your summer barbecues. 

Much Love

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