Battle of the Brighteners: Image and Skin Pep Go Head to Head

skin brighteners

The battles are back! Hurrah!

I love a good battle between products and we've done a few on Inanity and the Girl now, we love giving you the perfect products for your girls night in, pampering yourself, having a flutter playing online games. You can have a look at some previous battles, Battle of the Balms where the big cleansing balms go up against each other, Emma Hardie, Voya, and Elemis. We also had the winner of the Battle of the Blocks (you see how this works) where we looked at daily SPF's. 

Today it's Brighteners! I love a brightener, and I've used Image's Brightening Serum. Today though I'm going to be putting Image's Intense Brightening Creme, up against Skin Pep's Glow White! 

How it works!
Each serum or cream gets half of my face and after two weeks of use I'm going to be having a look at the results

What is the aim?
Well for brightening, it's about making my skin look clearer, get rid of any redness from any scars, or any kind of pigmentation. I'm not trying to lighten my skin I'm just trying to create an overall brighter complexion.

brightening creme

Iluma by Image Skincare- Intense Brightening Creme

I've used a lot of the Iluma Range and it is consistently good, I'm really looking forward to trying this cream which is for the face and neck. I've used the serum and the body lotion in the past, it should be pointed out there's also an eye cream in the range. This one was formulated by plastic surgeons, do you fancy boosting your skin, creating more radiant, even and boosted tone, this will probably be for you then. 

image cream

The cream is time released so the ingredients work over a 48 hour period. It's paraben free and targets skin discolourations, age spots and melanin production. 

glow white

Skinpep Glow White

Glow White is new to me as a product, the bottle which says 'medical grade brightening serum mix' did make me a bit frightened, but you know me, slap it on and see what happens. There's no bleaching irritants in it, so shouldn't cause irritation. There's a lot of good ingredients in there, with vitamin E, hyaluronic acid etc.
The skin concerns are the same, skin discolouration, age spots, pigmentations and is designed to create an overall brightened more illuminated complexion.

This one is quite a process, you push down the button on the cap to RELEASE THE POWDER, then shake vigorously. The Glow White has to live in the fridge and only lasts for 6 weeks, so this is a short term treatment. I'm looking forward to trying this one as I don't know the brand well!

skin pep

So that is the plan! 

Have you tried either of these? 

Much Love

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