Geometry 101: Geometry, Prints and Hallway Decor

I had one of those moments where I looked back over the blog and realised there was absolutely loads of decorating I hadn't shared. How very unlike me. So I wanted to take a little time to show you all our most recent decor experiments. 

We've been in the hallway, it's not finished yet but most of the painting is. It was very long and cream when we moved in so obviously everything got painted brilliant white for my gallery walls. 

Illustrations and vintage comics were framed and put up on our newly brilliant white walls. I also thought I would add some geometric walls to the hallway to add some unusual interest and colour. 

I picked three shades of grey which got replicated throughout the house, we painted the wall brilliant white and taped it to create a geometric pattern then just took the colours over it. 

 We then popped up to the next floor, I decided to use the pink from my dressing room to add to the geometric wall on this floor.

The fabulous print is by Faye West and I absolutely love it, I actually entered a competition to win it, and I was so startled when I did win because it just is perfect on the wall there. I feel very fortunate to have it because it is one of my favourite pieces. Our wall will have many, many more pieces but at the moment I'm just enjoying tracking down the amazing illustrators to go up there. 

I'd really love all your suggestions for artists to add to my gallery wall, I love getting cool artists lined up. I am completely obsessed with this Barbarella Print and I totally need to buy it immediately. You guys love Barbarella too right? I've also got a mad need to get this! I love my fabulous women as you can tell, who doesn't love Joan?

And of course finally, I have to show you the lovely Molly pug in situ, as she trots up and down stairs.

I want you to tell me, do you fancy a geometric wall? Do you have any illustrators I need to check out to add to my wall. I have room for 13 more pictures! Hurrah!

Much Love

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