Inanity's Best Boxes: Nicely Noted, The Cardshop In Your Home


Today we are continuing our series of fabulous unusual subscription boxes, pitting them against each other, to find a winner. Today Nicely Noted is up, it is quite literally your own mini card shop every month. 

What Is It?

Nicely Noted is a monthly subscription box which every month sends you a themed box of cards and stamps based on the time of year and theme. The box aims to do a few different things, firstly to encourage the love of letter writing, giving you the perfect stationery on hand so that you can keep up your correspondence. Secondly the box showcases designers, who are creating these beautiful designs, and finally the box also allows you to have great cards and stationery on hand for any events. You know as well as I do that birthdays, graduations, new babies can come as a bit of a surprise and you find yourself desperately needing a card, this allows you to have really unique cards on hand that no one else will have. Hurrah. 


Subscription Details

Subscriptions for Nicely Noted start at $20 a month, and annually for $220, if you're someone who is a snob about their stationery and likes to send and receive beautiful notes then this is most likely going to make you very happy. 


Will it fit through my letterbox?

Yes! It comes in an envelope rather than a large bulky box so you won't have to worry about picking it up from the post office if you aren't in.

Who will love it?

This is going to suit those of you who love beautiful stationery, if you're someone who likes sending notes, letters and cards as and when you feel like it and you want them to make an impact, this will most likely make you very happy. If you like supporting and enjoying design work from all over the world, this will also be for you. It can feel a little pricey but it works out at £12.95 bringing each piece of stationery in at around £4.30 which isn't overly far away from the High Street prices, In the world of subscription boxes this one is reasonably priced.

Value for Money-3/5

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