Inanity's Best Boxes: Vinoa, Wines of the World Through Your Letterbox

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Today I'm back to showing you what fabulous things can be delivered through your door every month. At Inanity and the Girl we want to show you not only the best lifestyle boxes around but also the most unusual. You see more than anything monthly subscription boxes are growing, I like to call them adult lucky bags...

So wines of the world, spice up your life! (Couldn't resist, let me tell you more)

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What is it?

This month our tasting journey takes us to Southern Rhone. I love drinking wine, I do, it is only surpassed by my love of drinking champagne and maybe that's going to be a month soon? So the prospect of wine coming through my door for me to try, well let me tell you I love the idea.

Now before you get super excited, you have to be aware that you get tasting size bottles, although there is more than enough to get a good taste and decide whether or not you want to buy more, it isn't a 75cl bottle. It is on the other hand a really fabulous way of tasting unusual, beautifully produced wines from all over the world, recommended by sommeliers (best job ever).


 So the process, you get your box through the post and you open it up to discover your new region and then you can go online to discover all about the intricacies of your new wines, there is an interactive guide on Vinoa that you can join, that will help you pinpoint what to be aware of when tasting the wines. From the complexity of the fruit to pairings it is all covered. 

Your Vinoa box has the strapline 'Never buy wines you don't like again' and that is very true. Vinoa has an online store so that if you really like one of the bottles you've tasted you can pop online and buy a bottle or a crate for the best price in the UK. Very handy!

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Subscription Details

Subscriptions for Vinoa are surprisingly well priced amongst the tasting boxes in the UK. Subscriptions start at £9.99 per month, with a cancel any time policy. 3 Months can be bought for £29.97, 6 months for £54.95 and a £5 wine voucher, £109.00 gets you a one year subscription, four professional wine tasting glasses and a £5 voucher to use in the shop.

It should be of note to wine fans out there, that the shop is very well priced. When I was tasting the wines from Southern Rhone, we particularly enjoyed the Lirac, and when I went onto the shop to find out about the pricing, I found a crate of 6 came in at £57.00. Very reasonable.


Will it fit through my letterbox?

I think it could, but our postman left it for us, the box is relatively flat and well thought out. 

Who will love it?

I have to say I love the whole concept, I've wanted to do a wine tasting course for ages but haven't had the time to regularly attend one, so this was very fun. I think you'll love this if you're a fan of wines, if you want to learn more about them and perhaps develop your taste. I would also say it would suit those of you who want to build a stock of wines from all over the world that are exceptional for a very good price. 

Value For Money-5/5

This one got the full house from me, well done Vinoa!


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