Shake Your Pasties: Burlesque Hits Belfast

Beautiful Eden Berlin in her routine Eden and the Swan

I had to share this, recently Claire from French for Cupcake asked if I wanted to go to see the fabulous Tease-o-Rama as part of CQAF. As if you would need to ask me twice, I was so excited. The night brought together Soup du Jour as compère, and the burlesque stylings of Kat Moiselle, Eden Berlin and Vicky Butterfly. 

bare legs
photos courtesy of Sara Marden for The Thin Air
Kat Moiselle Miss Burlesque Ireland 2014, kicked off the night with her sassy funny air hostess routine, bringing the audience to fits of laughter as she tries to strip and keeps being interrupted by continual announcements by the Captain. We laughed so hard at her cheeky, irreverent style.
Kat was followed by the beautiful Eden Berlin, who did her award winning piece, Eden and the Swan. Using a screen the act brought a swan over to see Eden's charms, in perfect timing the swan gives her a beautiful necklace and the projection covers Eden's body. A stunning piece of inventiveness and performance. Eden, raises an eyebrow and everyone is just fixated on her, we don't know whether to clap or cheer, everyone is just awestruck when she finishes, everyone whoops with appreciation.

naked girl
Vicky Butterfly
Vicky Butterfly followed Eden, a task which not many performers would want to do, but Vicky more than proved she could hold her own. Channelling Louise Brooks, she falls perfectly into the excesses of the 1920s, bedecked with fan feathers, beautiful cream silks and encrusted with stones, she looks like she should be in a movie from the 20s. Her balletic performance to Swan Lake is mesmerising, and her fan work just evokes swan, she's so fluid and stunning it seems a shame when she finishes!


After the interval she witty Kat Moiselle is back and this time she has an enormous skirt, the crowd are instantly laughing as she parodies the sensuous strip tease, shaking her tulle with absolute abandon. She then has a struggle to get out of the skirt which is nothing short of comic brilliance, and her little encouraging looks as she rolls her socks down inch by inch are so well judged. The audience are in hysterics and are screaming as she finishes with a flourish. 

religious strip

Eden Berlin changes the tone entirely with her act Madonna in Sorrow, looking ethereal like she has just stepped out of a van Eyck painting, clothed in robes and an ornate headdress. Everyone is wowed again as she takes the stage, sliding a leg out of the robe and following it up with an eyebrow to the audience. As she peels the robes back she ends up in just a bejewelled sacred heart and her pasties. She kneels on the stage over red candles in jars, and as the audience wonders what may happen next she runs the flames along her arm and pours the warm wax over herself. All of us at this point were totally wide eyed and open mouthed. As she finished we had to momentarily take a breath before everyone cheered their appreciation for her!

blade runner

Vicky Butterfly finishes the night appearing in a long cloak , she moves around the stage to Awolnation's Sail, and as the lights dim she begins to spin, and her cloak starts to light up. Her cloak is now alive as she spins, it's like Blade Runner, and her harness gives us flashes of her body under the lights. It is just stunning and so exciting, everyone is shrieking cheering her on as she dances and spins bringing the burlesque to an amazing close. 

The performers were incredible but the night wasn't over yet, Venus Dupree emerges from behind burlesque fans to hit the decks with Chicago house, and the floor was packed out.

vintage pin up

For the evening I wore a Lindy Bop dress and made my hair as big as I could. A side clip of roses and lovebirds finished the whole look, along with my little mini corset!

Claire was of course in her amazing panda dress, still rocking her turquoise hair!


It was such a brilliant night, I wish there was something like it every single month, can I campaign for a burlesque club night in Belfast! I'd be there every time! It was just wonderful, well done Tease-O-Rama!

Much Love

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