Vintage Prom: Retro Inspired Dresses

We love all things retro on Inanity and the Girl, and we know that you guys do as well. Just because you're going to a formal, or prom, or a graduation party doesn't mean you have to give up on your vintage style.

I was asked to check out the site as they have an enormous selection of occasion wear, right up to a UK 34 in sizing throughout most of their range, and they over custom sizing as well. So regardless of size you should be catered for. I decided that the best thing would be to grab some of my favourite vintage looks so that depending on the decade you love you can style yourself retro. Dresses come between £50-£80 so you have plenty of scope.

On the top panel I've grabbed 60s and 70s looks. From Twiggy style overlays of the Yasmain to the wide sleeves of the sleek 1970s mini dress and finally the glittery disco chic of a late 60s and early 70s look. 

I put together this collage for the girls who want a brighter 1960's look, the 1990's Cher from Clueless style or a classic and beautiful 1950's Hepburn. Lots of different styles and decades for all of your retro hankerings.

The site also covers bridal wear, fascinators and hats at and my favourite part, the vintage wedding dresses which again go up to a UK 34 so don't worry about not being catered to. You can find them at

So if you have an event coming up or you're looking for a huge range catering to all sizes, do pop over and see if any of the styles are good for you, there's hundreds of them!

Much Love


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