Inanity's Best Boxes: Card Nest, Local Illustrators To You


Today I'm back with my regular feature, Inanity's Best Boxes. As you all know this is the point where I look at some of the coolest and most unusual subscription services which you can get through your door every month. Hurrah!

What is it?

This time it's the term of Card Nest. Card Nest is a monthly subscription of three greeting cards, along with stamps all from fabulous illustrators. The great thing about this is that essentially you have unusual and fabulous cards in your house for all occasions, birthdays, thank yous , little notes and graduations. You also don't have the worry of someone else giving the same card as you. 

greeting cards

Subscriptions for Card Nest are £7.50 a month, and for that you get three cards and stamps, they change based on the season and you will build up quite a set. For the rest of the world you pay £10 per month. Very reasonable actually if you consider that cards from most card stores will cost you around £4, and if we factor in the stamps as well the cost is upward of £12. So if you have a lot of family birthdays and events, or if you're a fan of correspondence, like we all are trying to be this may suit you very nicely. 
It's also worthwhile stating that you may want to frame some of the cards, like hello...rabbit on a skateboard... exactly.

Will it fit through my letterbox?

Yes absolutely. They come in these very pretty little card pouches which are all designed and different every month. Very cute.

Who will love it?

I think if you have a lot of people in your life this could be exceptionally handy for you, I also have this idea of super organised Martha Stewart types being absolutely delighted to have a card stash for any last minute birthdays and gifts. 

Appearance- 5/5
Value for Money-5/5
Much Love!


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