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I have finally got the opportunity to do something I've wanted to do for a while! 

Set up my own little mini vintage store!

Ok at the moment it is very small, but I will be adding more and more pieces to it. There are going to be more dresses, both vintage and reproduction, hopefully some homewares and of course something I've been dying to do, set up my own vintage personal shopping service.

What is it? 
Well basically I know that some of you find vintage shopping, difficult and time consuming and quite honestly it freaks you out. I can understand that. So why not get me to do it for you?
As I love vintage shopping, I've set up a service which you can buy where I find whatever it is you're looking for with my vintage contacts. We confirm with you if it's exactly what you want, then bang you order it and it arrives at your door!

Along with other dresses you can obviously pick up the dresses I've listed. I try to keep all the prices down, so you can all get a bargain. Hurrah!

I've even got some rather lovely little mod style pieces. In time I would like to add vintage style pieces that I make, it has long been a dream of mine and I'm so excited to get cracking. My first sewing lesson is tomorrow night, wish me luck.

 I want to cater to all sizes and shapes, creating awesome vintage inspired clothes that everyone can wear! Not just stretchy dresses (heaven forbid) but tailored high waist vintage style sailor pants, circle skirts etc. 

You can find the links to visit both at the bottom of the blog, click and go! I really hope you check in, I'll try and keep the new things updated as we go!

Much Love and Shopping

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