Going Rogue:I Go Seventies Chic With L'Oreal

I have a serious thing for great big hair, I do. When the opportunity arose for me to pop into Rogue Hair on Bradbury Place and have my hair done by L'Oreal ID Artist Karen, I couldn't resist. 
L'Oreal ID artists were a new concept to me but every year there are only two chosen from Northern Ireland, and Karen Devlin is currently holding the post in the province. They are trained in new colour and cut styles by L'Oreal and in their posts create their own look from the L'Oreal catwalk styles.

Having just had my hair coloured I wasn't sure if I was going to have any options but in fact I was completely wrong! 
Karen took a look at my newly blonded locks and I told her I have a lot of concerns about dryness and condition, she new exactly what I was after. We decided to pop a Diacolor clear colour on my hair, I had never heard of this. But it's a totally clear colour which gives your hair all the gloss and shine of new colour without...the colour.

My hair, a two person job!

So the Diacolor went on, and we followed it with a L'Oreal Powershot. I've used these before and they're always great for my condition, and my hair has been pretty heat styled to oblivion so I am always up for all conditioning treatments I can get my hands on!

Karen and I were chatting about the styles I liked, and I showed her my current hair idol. the incredible Brigitte Bardot, and Karen very nonchalantly pointed out she had met her when her son had come in for a hair cut. Cue my face in total shock! Apparently Brigitte is lovely, (I would expect nothing less) and it was pretty much firmed up that my hair was going to be styled a la Bardot, I mean I feel like it was as if I've met her...that counts right?

My Finished Look

My hair of course is a two person job, mainly because it's so curly and so thick two pairs of hands are always better than one. But look at the fabulous flicks they gave me!

I felt like this!

The back of my hair and Karen
Karen grabbed a picture of the back of my hair, look how curly it is! I was so impressed with the smoothness and the gloss from the clear colour. Also I was chatting with her about my ongoing oil treatments, I put Kerastase oil on my ends every night and during the day often, my hair basically absorbs it and it disappears, I wanted to ask her if this would help with the condition of my ends. 

Very blonde and very curly
She told me about L'Oreal's Mythic Oil and said with my hair type I would be able to use oil as long as my hair wanted and that my twice a day regime was absolutely fine for my hair. It was great because people always look at me in shock when I show them how much oil I use on my ends so it was great when she gave me the thumbs up. I bought Mythic Oil and have been using it twice a day since, and it definitely has been making a difference. The girls also let me try the L'Oreal Next Day Hair, which basically you spray on clean hair and it adds a residue recreating that next day messy textured hair, which suits me down to the ground because I've had to use much less heat styling.

My slightly awkward picture posing face
I had a brilliant time with the girls, big thank you to Karen and I hope that the upcoming L'Oreal ID shows go brilliantly and I look forward to seeing your takes on the next catwalk trends!

Such a great salon and so friendly and fun to be around, call in and see them for a colour refresh or a fabulous blow out like mine, hello 1970s. After my hair appointment my husband took me out for dinner so I could swish my hair around, so clearly some magic was being worked there by Karen!

Thanks Guys!
Much Love

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