Inanity's Best Boxes: Pawsome Box, Molly's Choices

Inanity's Best Boxes is back, and this time the pug is picking her favourite boxes for the pets in your life. This month is Pawsome Box which sent Molly their monthly box for her perusal!

What is it?

Pawsome Box is the monthly goodie box for your dog, all the products in it are all adapted for your dog, both breed and size. The products come in at over £30 giving your pup a nice little treat every month.


Subscriptions for Pawsome Box are available in four different options. The monthly option is £19.90, the price moves down to £18.90 for three months, £17.90 for half yearly and £15.90 for the year. So you can pick whichever option suits you the best. Your box has treats, toys, healthcare pieces, and accessories for walking, so essentially you can receive all the treats for your dog for the month and teeth cleaning options and toys.

Will it fit through my letterbox?

Nope, it is really rather big, as much as your dog will want it to come through, especially when you aren't there it won't. There's lots in there though!

Who will love it?

The waggy tailed friend in your life will love it, but you'll love it as well. High quality treats and toys designed for your pup, and also for your pup's health. So you can keep your pooch in a range of new snacks.

Value for Money-3/5

Much Love and Wags


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