Inanity's Best Boxes: Phone Case of the Month

What is it?
Phone Case of the Month is a subscription service which does exactly what you would expect, sends you a new phone case every month. So those of you who like to keep things pretty fresh with your phone, this may be totally fabulous for you.

The cases are actually really well priced at $10 (6.43) per month, you can get a three month subscription for $30 (19.28) and you can get a 6 month subscription for $50- (£32.13)  12 months for $89. So for approximately £6 you can get a new phone case every month delivered to you. 

Will it fit through my letterbox?
Yes it will, the covers come in a little pouch so they're light and easy to feed through your letterbox. Hurrah!

Who will love it?
Everyone who loves to change their covers all the time. If you're someone who likes a little bit of a different look and you like a selection to choose from then this will suit you. It's not an easy thing to do, create a phone case every month that will be gender neutral and also appeal to a wide variety of different customers. The cases are really good quality and I really liked my Wild Spirit case.

Value for Money-4/5
Much Love


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samia hussain said...

nice post

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