Inanity Makes: Superhero Skirts

Well hello!

Recently I've been trying to work on my sewing, since I started in June I have been working out how to make my sewing machine do what I want it to.

I wanted to show you guys a skirt that I made recently in preparation for comic conventions and superhero movie releases. 

I started out by cutting the pattern for The Bardot Dress by Simple Sew, it came free with Love Sewing Magazine issue 14. I say that's where I started because that isn't where I finished. I didn't like the top, so I went with converting it into a high waisted skirt.

I also decided there needed to be way more fullness, so I added in another 4 panels and gave them an extra pleat to add to the waistband

I just have to get a chance to wear it now! 

I absolutely loved the fabric and ended up making Himself 4 cushions and a shirt out of it as well! 

What do you guys think, I'm pretty new to sewing clothes but I'm pretty impressed!

Much Love 

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