Lipstick, Lies and Swatches; Dispelling the Myths about Beauty Blogging

Although nowadays I don't so much consider myself solely a beauty blogger anymore, I have lived in that realm for a long time. One of the things that always, always happens is you have serious disparity from the idea of what beauty blogging is and the reality of it...I'm here to whack a big dose of reality on top

1. 'All Bloggers Get So Much Free Stuff'

Oh the samples! Delight of the beauty bloggers. If I've heard it once I've heard it a million times, 'Oh I need to set up a blog if it means I get that' followed by much lols. In earnest whilst undoubtedly it is lovely to get something you really like given to you, it isn't for free. We love writing, we do, but we get samples so that we write about them and for blog posts often you're taking lots of pictures of products, you're doing little tutorials on using them and editing photos and copy, publicising those posts and making sure everyone is happy. 
It is lovely and genuinely it is great working with brands and companies you like and doing something fun, but it is not just a free for all I'm afraid, maybe the massive bloggers are just inundated but for the most part we work for all our lovely bits and pieces. 

2. 'How Hard Can It Be?'


We aren't curing cancer, we know that. Most of the time we're just writing about moisturisers or foundations, but for many of us we do genuinely believe in the joy that comes from finding a new lipstick, or the little bit of pep it gives you, the way that a new serum can help your skin look great and cause you to hold your head higher. Although we know that anyone can start a blog, and we encourage it, having the grit and determination to keep blogging year after year can be hard. Most bloggers aren't getting book deals and make up ranges, we just love chatting with readers and doing something we enjoy. It makes us happy when someone says 'Oh my goodness I picked up that eyeliner and you're right it doesn't budge, thanks!' That's what we adore! 

3. 'But it must be so nice to just put make up on all the time'


There have been days where I've been swatching lipshades or eyeshadows and trying to do make up for the blog and I look like Tammy the day time hooker. The swatches are long lasting and no amount of make up remover is getting rid of the red base pigment on my arms, so I look like I'm covered in bruises, it is all so glamorous. Sometimes it can be a pain, we're creatures of habit and we like wearing what we always do and god knows coming home and taking off all your make up is GLORIOUS it is hard to want to put it all back on again and film it and take pictures.

While we're here can we also talk about skincare reviews, I am all about skincare but the level of patience that you need to wait out three weeks documenting every day and looking for ongoing changes whilst simultaneously fending off enthusiastic and lovely PR reps who want to know how it is going, well it can be a job in itself. My point is that, it's not all sparkle filters. Sometimes it's wearing long sleeved tops for two days because you don't want people seeing the long wear stains from the ten red lipsticks you swatched up your arm that won't come off. Glamorous. 

4.  'Doesn't Everyone Have A Blog Anyway?'


Lots of people do have blogs, which is cool. I always think blogs are like little diaries that you put out there into the world, it's awesome when people give you lovely feedback but they aren't indebted to do so. Yes lots of people blog, but having your own is rather lovely. Learning how to make it look like how you want, and the pride you feel from the posts and posts you can look back on, it's a whole piece of your life. I'm always a little proud when I look at my blog because I know how long I've had it and how many posts I've written. So I actively encourage people that if they want to set up blogs go ahead don't let people put you off.

So what are your favourite myths about being a beauty blogger or any other kind of blogger have I missed them?

Much Love

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