Lusty Beg: Autumn Sunshine and Sparkling Lakes

I love a chance to get away and go somewhere a little different. So when the opportunity arose to go to Lusty Beg in the Enniskillen lakes I had to jump at the chance. I don't know the Enniskillen area that well but my knowledge of Lusty Beg was only that it was a small island on Upper Lough Erne.

Those of you who follow my Instagram will have seen our adventures but I wanted to share our whole overnight stay with you on the blog. I'm definitely not going to apologise for the photo heavy nature of this post, I hope you enjoy how beautiful the whole place was through them. 

We had opted for the couples retreat, spa treatments, a little lakeside cabin, relaxation and I don't think we knew what to expect. It was the end of October after all, in Ireland, would the weather let us enjoy the outdoor pursuits?

Apples in the woodland

We arrived to golden autumn sunshine and the crossing over to the Island on the ferry was just stunning. To be in the remote landscape with the swans gently bobbing on the water was extremely peaceful. The single storey cottage style reception, restaurant and bar complex was totally unobtrusive in the environment, even the collection of cabins, chalets and rental properties were so masked with the trees that it didn't take away from the wildness of the area.

It was hard to be focused on anything but the gorgeous bay view around the cabins. We grabbed some lunch in the bar area and enjoyed the view whilst other couples were sharing bottles of wine outside as the autumn sun moved down and the swans languidly swam.

Welcome to Lusty Beg

The Jetty

We had booked in for treatments in the spa from 4pm and with check in time being at 4pm we had to drop our belongings in our absolutely adorable wooden cabin and make our way to the spa.
The cabins are so lovely, they are completely individual, they have their own heating controls, their own little kitchenette, a luxe bathroom with a huge waterfall head shower and a wrap around patio overlooking the woods and lake. It is beautiful, you could easily sit outside and drink a glass of wine in the tranquillity of it

The cabins are designed to be completely self sufficient if you want them to be, with sofas and television, a nice touch of a hair-drier and ironing board also.

The views from the cabins across the bay to the chalets

We made our way to the spa, which is a completely separate building, encompassing a swimming pool, sauna, hot tub, treatment rooms and relaxation suite. I was booked in for a back massage and mini facial and himself was booked in for a back massage. I was dying to get my massage as I had a tension headache and knew there were knots aplenty in my back.

We were so well looked after at the spa, and the girls were so lovely. I had a gloriously relaxing massage which got rid of my headache and was so effective in detoxifying me that two days later a cold which had been bubbling under the surface for a few weeks really came to the fore. The massage just seemed to push the knots up and out and got the energy flowing again. Whilst himself was getting his back massage I hit the sauna  which I had to myself, and the steam was just glorious.
Chalets for larger parties in the woodlands

I wandered out to the hot tub which is located in the relaxation garden outside, it was after five and the garden was beautifully lit, I had the hot tub to myself again and enjoyed just chilling out completely in the warm bubbles, lying back looking at the stars! 

Bringing my hat game to the lakes

Our little cabin in the woods

The porches that wrap the cabins

We had time to head back to our cabin and relax before getting changed for dinner. We were booked in at the restaurant at 8pm, the restaurant which lives in the complex housing the bar and reception rooms was really light and airy. There's a real North American camp vibe to the layout but the interior is really homely, peat burning in the bar and local drinks and crisps. The restaurant and reception areas are very quaker chic, wood, whites and blues.

My morning view

We had a gorgeous candlelight dinner, and the staff were so lovely and friendly. Himself raved, and raved about his pork and then his steak which he was beyond happy about. The restaurant has a selection of really lovely local produce, the amount is modest but really well put together with 4 or 5 different options on each course.

Cabins are small but luxurious

After dinner live music began in the bar and we were able to sit down and enjoy a drink and relax after our 'hard' day getting pampered. I tried the signature cocktail the 'Lusty Lady' which went down a little too well, think frozen Strawberry Daiquiri with a little something else. I don't know if its the lakeside air or the massages but I was totally ready for bed by eleven. So it was reading a few pages of my book and then lights out, we had an early start after all.

Cabin interior

The restaurant, bar and reception complex

Morning brought breakfast, in the reception rooms of the complex. Fresh fruit, cooked breakfasts, cereal and toast, for many of the guests they were taking kayaks and canoes out on the bay which you can hire, some were clay pigeon shooting or trying out archery, even 4 x 4 driving. If you want activities there's plenty you can do and nothing quite builds an appetite like outdoor pursuits.

Woodland walks, blackberries, roses, mushrooms and Himself

We took our coffee outside and enjoyed the morning sun, we had an appointment at the spa for a couples morning seaweed bath. The products in the spa are all Voya, which I have used and reviewed on the blog before, many of you many remember that it was the Voya cleansing balm which won my best balm cleanser, and the gorgeous Voya travel kit which I took on my honeymoon with me.

I love Voya, all totally natural, so it seemed pretty fitting that our seaweed bath was followed with Voya products. The couples seaweed bath was so much fun, although I did have to listen to Himself giving me his best seaweed jokes. The seaweed is hand harvested in Sligo then dried and treated with salts, the hand harvesting means not too much is taken and seeded seaweed is not taken so that it can easily repopulate. My skin felt amazing when I came out, really soft and supple. We had the doors in our bathing suite open so we were looking out over the lake.

Seaweed baths in the spa

Dinner, Lusty Lady cocktail, maps and reception posing

Post treatment we went to explore the island more, and it was just bursting with nature, I met the tiniest frog hopping along in the grass, the gorgeous swans and ducks tend to come over and say hello as well. Robins came out to say hello while we went through the forest, there was also a plethora of blackberries, wild roses, apples and conkers. 

The morning autumn light is something else

Plenty of fabulous photo opportunities for brides

One of the things I found, was that if we were to do it again, I'd definitely say stay a little longer. We were only able to stay one night but I would absolutely recommend staying longer. I felt like there was so much more to see and do, I really wanted to try the archery and to get out on the water and also just really enjoy the natural solitude of the place.

You really can't beat this for remote beauty

Lusty Beg is busy with weddings, and groups but even though we were there at half term and the rooms were all filled it never felt crowded, in fact we were able to be on our own in the spa and on many occasions were sitting by the lakeside without anyone around. 

I think because the chalets are so big and self contained many people are content to do their own thing, same with the cabins. It has the real of a very luxurious camp, definitely great for activity breaks with kids but I do think Lusty Beg has a place as a couples getaway.

For a longer stay, because the cabins have a little kitchenette bring along some wine, or some nice snacks for enjoying your patio, I definitely will in future. 

Lusty Beg is a stunning place to stay, couples should definitely take advantage of an excellent spa and great food, the novelty of having your own wood cabin does not get old, perfect for a longer stay!

I'm looking forward to going back. 

Canoes, apartments and lakeside charm

To find out more about Lusty Beg go to their website here 

Much Love

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