Inanity's Best Boxes: Taste Cocktails, Mad Men Through Your Letterbox

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Subscription boxes are a tricky thing, there are just so many out there now that it feels like we may be missing out on something special just from the sheer volume. So over here at Inanity and the Girl we decided to showcase some of the fun and fabulous boxes you may have missed, asking the important questions but also showcasing exactly what you get.

First up is the fabulous Taste Cocktails box, it's Mad Men through your door.


What is it?

The Taste Cocktail box is a monthly subscription box, every month a new batch of beautifully packaged sample size ingredients arrive through your door. The neat freak in you will appreciate the labels and crispness. Each month is centred around an alcohol or premium brand, the month I tried out was Mozart Gourmet Chocolate liqueur cocktails. So you may get ingredients for gin cocktails, or daiquiris, old fashioned ingredients or with limes or snacks added in. 


When I got mine, it is very beautifully put together with a lovely cocktail menu and recipes, none of which I'd ever tried before. It is kind of like being in Mad Men, trying out cocktails with drinks you've never heard of, I felt a whole lot like Joan mixing them up. You will get enough to try all the recipes, so you can taste them all and find out if you have a new favourite amongst them. 


Subscription Details
Subscriptions for Taste work at 3 months, 6 months and 12 months like most, with the 3 month boxes working out at £24.00 each. You can add an equipment box where you'll get all you need to make your cocktails for an additional £27.00.

It is quite pricey in the world of subscription boxes where many are £15, but one of the handy things about Taste is that you can buy individual boxes if you wish to try them out. Also you're getting premium alcohol many of which are around 60ml so larger than typical miniature, and the shipping is free.


Will it fit through my letterbox?
An important question, and yes it will, though I believe they are signed for, I had to pick mine up as I wasn't in. 


Who will love it?
I think quite a few people are going to like this, you could buy them as a gift for almost anyone, but personally I think it's quite exciting to not know which recipes are going to arrive. To start your night out by making cocktails, or to get a tasting session together with new recipes you've not heard of. I see it as a really lovely little experience based treat, something to look forward to at the end of the month, but also getting to try new drinks and liqueurs from all over the world. 


Appearance - 4/5
Value for Money-4/5
Convenience- 5/5

So there we are a really strong start for the Best Box feature, are there any boxes you'd like me to review, let me know and I'll see what I can do!

Much Love 

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