70s Glowy Summer Skin: Clarins Instant Light and True Radiance Review

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 Those of you who are regular readers of the website will know my love for Clarins and also will know that I recently gave away a bottle of Instant Light Radiance Booster from the Clarins summer range. I wanted to do a proper review of it as I think it could be the thing that solves so many summer problems. I wanted to get a few of you to tell me about your must have summer make up, so please feel free to post down below in the comments.

Firstly I want to talk about True Radiance, Clarins, most glowing and illuminating foundation, it offers a medium coverage level and will make your face look fresh and illuminated. The True Radiance is going to be a great foundation for anyone who is looking for a little bit of extra coverage but still creating the illuminated effect. It is a fabulous foundation, lovely Nicola from Strawberry Blonde Beauty swears by it as well and her skin always looks incredible. As an aside it also has SPF in it so you can wear it with joyous abandon over the summer months.

best foundation
Skin prepared, with no filter and Instant Light Champagne, no other make up

I really want to shout out loud about the Clarins Instant Light as it is currently the MOST versatile thing in my kit. This is where Clarins skincare meets make up. I have this in Rose and Champagne, I also gave away one of the new summer colours a few weeks ago. 
With the 1970s being so in fashion at the moment, the bohemian style extends to the make up and skin. It always makes me think of the West Coast, fringing, sunkissed tans and freckles. This product will give you that no make up summer look whilst making your skin look perfect and well nourished. 

It brightens, it optically corrects the complexion, it hydrates and illuminates giving the appearance of deeply hydrated radiant skin. I don't know about you guys but do you find it as hard as I do to get a really glowy foundation?

Rose- Rose is like Strobe Cream by MAC, or Lumi Magic by L'Oreal, it gives a multi optic shimmering glow, you can use it as a base or do what I do which is mix it with True Radiance for a lighter daily foundation. 
Rose works with all complexions and is a brightener, it deeply hydrates and can be added to your normal foundation to boost the radiance. 
Champagne- A light ivory peach tone, designed to correct redness, does exactly what Rose does just adds the benefit of colour so can be worn by itself. Gives your skin an unparalleled glow.

glowing review
Instant light Champagne in direct daylight

In the picture, I merely pumped one dispenser of the Instant Light on my fingers and worked it into my skin. It disappears quickly and seems to give your skin a really healthy look. I wouldn't normally put up pictures where I'm wearing barely any make up but you need to see the product in direct daylight and see how nice it looks on the skin.

I have to say I'm a bit besotted. My usual love of Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect has been surpassed by this as the coverage is better and the skincare is really beautiful. It feels like the closest you can get to bare skin without going totally bare, and it disappears so you look like you're wearing nothing at all.
best foundation
Instant Light Champagne as a colour correcter in daylight

I'm not wearing any concealer with the product so it is all Clarins at this point. I'm delighted with it and those of you out there who love illuminated, glowing, radiance and have struggled with foundations will love this. Grab it in Rose, mix it into your daily foundation, and pick it up in Champagne or Peach to wear by itself through the summer months.

Go and check out my Instagram where I've popped up a video of the mixing of the products with each other and I'll show you the result. Let me know what you think, I want to hear your summer make up favourites.

What do you think of the move toward skincare and make up combos? Tell me below!

Go check them out!

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