Atomic Tutorial : How To Put Together A Vintage Home

Lots of atomic legs! Gorgeous girls in my art and the obligatory pug cushion

One of the things I've loved and been totally trepidatious about in equal measure has been decorating our house. When we moved in everything was white, flat and clear, it was like looking at an empty page and I had no idea what the heck I was going to put on it.

As the months have passed, I took a real shine to atomic mid century design. What's that? For those of you who are looking at me quizzically, it's 1950's decor from the era of space races, atomic bombs, scientific advances and so on. I've mixed it with a little modernism and fabulous Scandinavian design, show me some atomic legs and I am in bliss!


Our living room is lots of green, we've mixed original mid century starburst clocks in with sconces, modern and original art and fun things from our travels. In our hallway I've gone a bit mad and delved into the world of geometric walls! I love the strong grey tones and also there's something seriously satisfying about the geometric fit. It's actually not that difficult to do once you get to grips with the rules.

I've just ordered this rather fabulous flamingo wallpaper for my bedroom, I love the tiki flamingo motif which some of you may have noticed from my blog and also from my hen party! I'm loving the odd mixture of animals we have in our house and curios, from silver rhinos, pelicans, hares, penguins and of course pugs. I have to say I like random pieces in a house, they give it character, and I guess ours is a little odd...


I've been seriously indulging my vintage crockery habit with the help of Etsy and Hope and Gloria, fabulous mid century shapes and colours that make me drool. I've just ordered a new set from Florida and I will be putting it up when it arrives, I think I need more shelves though. 

1930s Salem Tricorne tea cups and saucers, just gorgeous

I thought I would put together some tips for those of you who want to add a vintage flavour to your house. I am no expert by any means but I'm happy to share with you what worked for me.

Tips For Creating Your Vintage Home

  1. Look around and see what you're drawn to, I know it's cliched but set up a Pinterest board and pull together the shapes, themes and decades that make you happy.
  2. Once you're decided on the eras you like, look at what key pieces can speak of that era. For me my atomic leanings meant that slanted legs and starburst clocks were design pieces which allowed me to speak of the era. You can illustrate an era with these shapes, or fabrics very easily without spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds on original furniture (unless you want to and if you do will you send me pictures).
  3. Accessories and colour palettes are your friends, find colour charts from your era of choice, there's loads on the net. Add to this simple accessories or even pieces from the period and you're well on your way. Patterns from the era are a simple and easy way to add some serious period chops to your decor and are a great place to start.
  4. Don't be a slave to your era. If you see something you like that's modern, don't be afraid to add it, you aren't designing a museum to the era, it's your home after all. 
  5. Take it one room at a time, it can get very overwhelming otherwise. Don't try and plan the whole house in a week. Cohesion is a good tact, if your colours all work together, front door to attic the house will feel cohesive. If in doubt use neutrals in your large areas, like hallways etc.
I'd love your tips as well, what way have you decorated your house? What tips do you have?

Much Love


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