Easy Peasy Bardot Sexy: Brigitte Bardot Ten Minute Tutorial

Hello my lovelies, Happy New Year! What did you all do for the chiming of the bells? I'm a bit of a reluctant reveller for NYE, I always feel like I can never really be bothered fighting the hoards of people to try and get a drink. This year though we decided to go for an early dinner at a really gorgeous family run Chinese Restaurant. The food is always astounding and it is tiny, so it's lovely and intimate. So we brought a couple of bottles with us and enjoyed a lovely meal together totally relaxed.

We popped into the local bar and restaurant for a quick drink before we headed home so we could legitimately say we had been out for drinks as well as dinner. Then home we came in time for the bells so we had a glass of bubbly ready in our onesies! Perfection!

As usual I was running late, I seem to be incapable these days of realising how long things will take and scale down accordingly. So when it came to it I actually had about half an hour to get ready. My hair had just been washed so I looked like I'd jammed my fingers into an electric socket, hello curl explosion. 

I'd been wanting to try a Brigitte Bardot look for ages because she is amazing and just looks so unbelievably sexy, she is the BOMBSHELL. 

So today I wanted to bring you my very quick steps to how to create a Bardot look in about ten minutes. This isn't going to be an elaborate one, but there's loads of really great elaborate tutorials out there with enormous rollers and strategic spraying. This is going to be, you have ten minutes to make yourself look like a fabulous iconic sexpot, here's how.

We're hitting the hair first, 5 minutes, let's go!

1. Grab some salt spray and be liberal with it, I also grabbed some dry shampoo and spritzed it all over my hair working it through with my fingers to dirty the strands up a bit.

2. Section off the top piece of your voluminous mini beehive. Quickly back-comb the underside of your lifted section, you want to get some volume in but keep the top smooth. When done pull your sides, and the top of your hair back over your back-combed section and secure with bobbypins. Feel free to tease the top up a little higher with a comb if you are unhappy with the height.

3. Grab your tongs or your straighteners, whichever you have to hand, you want a wave rather than a curl so it's fine to not pin them and let them fall. Take big pieces and quickly run a curl through the pieces which you haven't secured up. It should look messy and as if you've just jumped out of bed, which suits our time frame. 

4. If you want to spray then give the hair a blast of hairspray, I didn't bother just because I wanted the curls to fall out.

Hair DONE.

For the make up we're keeping it simple, 5 minutes and off we go!
  1. Get your skin prep on, any serums or illuminators, pop them on quickly.
  2. Grabbing your foundation take it over the whole face, buff it in, you're aiming for a matt look.
  3. Take your bronzer over the face and cheeks, matt is best, we want to avoid a shimmery look, then follow with a peachy pink on the blush.
  4. Fill in your brows.
  5. Take a peachy eyeshadow onto the lids and blend through. I then took a dark brown onto the lash line and blended above and below to create a softer line.
  6. Follow with a liquid line, we're aiming for little cat eye flick. So take it over to the edge of your lash line and give it a cheeky wing. Then follow with lashings of mascara!
  7. Grab yourself a lipliner, Bardot opted for a more peachy tone which you could see lining her lips which was pretty fashionable then but a bit less so now. So use a nude liner and highlight your lips, you want a bit of a super pout so I used my Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme gloss to plump them up. You can do the same thing if you give yours a vigorous exfoliate with a toothbrush or use a plumping serum of your own.
  8. If you need a bit of extra mattification then do throw a little powder on but guess what, you should be done!

Don't worry if it's not exactly right it's all about the hair and the dark eyes. You can pull it off in next to no time. Whether you're doing it in the bathroom at work or even throwing together a night out look at home on a timescale, keep it loose and smudgy and you will be fine.

So guys that was my look, now tell me all about yours!

Much Love

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