Lips Lips Lips: Win the Most Talked About Lip Products Around

Hello my loves! Guess who is back?


Well because I have missed you all desperately and wanted to come back with a treat for you all that's exactly what I'm doing. I know many of you are fans of a certain Miss Kylie Jenner, but I also I have seen the crazy amount of disappointment coming from fans who have bought her Lip Kit. Instead I decided to give you the most cult lip products out there, the products bloggers are loving, the products that are hard to find on the shelves and the slightly crazy but cool.

One winner wins them all.

Prize 1

First of all I have a goodie, one of the best brands out there Lime Crime and their fabulous pink nude Faded. From the Velvetines collection this is a gorgeous matte which lasts for ages.

Prize 2

This is an absolute stormer, Every time I went into Boots, Superdrug and all other Sleek stockists to find this colour in the Matte Me range it was gone. I ended up having to wait until it was restocked online to order it for myself, and then I loved it so much I bought another for the giveaway. The shade Birthday Suit has been sold out for ages, I had to have it, with fellow bloggers saying it 'changed their lives' I mean how could I not?

Prize 3

I had to include these, everyone has gone crazy for Korean beauty and Romantic Bear is one which has had videos sprouting all over the place. The fabulous peelable lip tattoo is a combination of fun due to the fact you feel like you're back at primary school and peeling PVA glue off your fingers, but also long lasting lip stain power. It's crazy but it is a lot of fun and the winner gets all 6 colours!

Have a look at the fabulous videos of the product in action! Also I love this girl!

Rules are quick and easy and as follows:
  1. Giveaway is open worldwide, if I have to train my own squadron of lipstick flying parrots to get them to you, I will.
  2. Check you've completed the entries correctly as I check.
  3. Rafflecopter will pick the winner randomly I will only check that the person has completed their entry.
  4. Winners will be contacted by email.

So here you go my loves and remember.......

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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