July's Sashay Away: The Product That Needs to Leave the Runway

Hello my lovelies, guess who's back and more irritable than ever!?

I jest, in actuality I'm in a spectacularly good mood which will dissipate once I start into my product annoyances for this month but ain't that always the way? So this post is about the product that did not light my fire this month.

Sashay Away: Percy and Reed Dry Shampoo

You know those days where you're just, 'I can't deal with this today, hand me my dry shampoo, today needs big hair.' Yeah this will be of no use to you my friends.

So I was in M&S buying my ultimate eyeliner Stila (the best) and I was in a mad dash and I realised I had no dry shampoo and my hair was wilting in this goddawful heat (isn't it the worst?). So I flew around the department looking for a dry shampoo and found this. 'Hurrah' I thought, it's promising me fabulousness I'll take it. So I get to the cash desk and the cashier tells me it's an eye watering £12...for a dry shampoo. This better be the best damn dry shampoo I have ever used. Tiny angels had better come out and lovingly shampoo each strand of my hair. 

So off I trot and get into the bathroom and liberally spray my wilting hair waiting for the amazing to commence... and I wait some more...nothing. I'm scanning my roots for that nice clean look, nope nothing.

I spray on a bit more to see if that makes a difference, there's no powdery look which is great, but there's also no look. My hair doesn't really look cleaner, it doesn't look dirty, but sort of looks flat and shiny, you know somewhere between shine and greasy where it could be either and you're not sure, but it already looked that way. The product seems to weigh my hair down a little but doesn't do much else. I sprayed and sprayed, and shook that can until I thought my arms would fall off, thinking 'maybe this time' nope. Eventually I gave up and went and bought some Batiste.

You wanna charge me £12 and my hair looks as flat as a pancake?

Sorry folks but that's just rubbish! The price point is FAR TOO HIGH to begin with, and then for it to not even do anything, well that's just rude. I was so annoyed I even tweeted them, but no response, natch. 

I don't mind paying more for a product that is fabulous, and come on a dry shampoo it doesn't need a lot. The product is 'No Fuss Fabulousness' it promises to plump up your hair, if anything my hair was still flat as a pancake, and my hair doesn't need much, it tends to gravitate toward Monica Geller frizz so I can't tell you how radically underwhelming this is. 

In summation grrrrls AVOID. It's just not good AT ALL. Too expensive, not good enough.

Sashay Away Percy and Reed Dry Shampoo!

Much Love 

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