Bafflement Buster Fact Pack: The Mega Ingredients

The beauty world is baffling at the best of times. For those of us who have a smidge of knowledge it's still as confusing, we rely on advice from friends, recommendations and the knowledge of staff on counters. Sometimes I think I need some kind of ancient Aztec sun ritual to pick a new moisturiser, like with the right light shining through a prism the rays will hit the chosen pot for me. Don't laugh, when met with a wall of pots you'll do it too!

The fact is there are millions of lotions, potions, emulsions, serums, creams, toners, moisturisers, cleansers and it's an absolute minefield, and an expensive one at that, unless you know what you need and what you want. 

So my friends, that the purpose of the Bafflement Buster Fact Pack (say that ten times fast), to give you my usual straight to the point fact pack, for what the ingredients actually do. So you can pick an ingredient you know you want in your skin and cut down your search massively.

What you need, what it does, and what products I've used and liked with it in. Boom. 

Vitamin C- Brightening/ Skin Tone Correcting/ Anti Aging

Praise be for vitamin c! It's my favourite so that's where I'm starting, and I can do that because this isn't a blog-ocracy, its a blog-tatorship and I have the natty hat to prove it. Sorry back to the skincare. Vitamin C is the Westlife filled Queen of my Heart. Why you ask? Because it kicks skin arse. 

It's a huge antioxidant ingredient, acorbic acid or L-ascorbic acid is what you're looking for in your ingredients, I don't know what the L stands for, in my head it means LOVELY I could Google it, but I don't want to. So what does it do? It's a hero that's what, it brightens your skin, gets rid of that dull tired look, firms up your skin and creates that lovely glow. It has incredible properties for anti aging because it does such a good job of overhauling your skin tone. You need a good vitamin C in your skincare, I whack mine on if I have any breakouts as you'll wake up the next day and the redness is gone. It's also great when you want that flawless glowy skin. LOVE.

My favourite products 
Indeed Labs- Vitamin C24 
Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Reviver

Vitamin A- AKA Retinol- Younger Skin/ Removes Fine Lines/ Brighter Skin

Ah the anti-aging holy grail. Everyone has heard the world retinol, and basically it is vitamin A. In high doses it's often put in clinical peels which completely resurface your face, like grouting, but not really. Vitamin A/ retinol in products is designed to make you look younger, hurrah.

 Basically it speeds up your cell production in the top layer of your skin. So you're unleashing lovely fresh glowing skin and getting rid of older dull skin. It also boosts your collagen production as obviously your skin uses retinoic acid when producing collagen. It will fade any discolouration and give you that lovely fresh faced look along with getting rid of fine lines over a period of time. It's a serious player in your arsenal. 
DO NOT, do not, use retinols without SPF. Retinols can enhance photo sensitivity and you have all this lovely new baby skin emerging on your face, and you're going to fry it if you don't use a proper SPF. That's a serious point it can really be damaging if you don't take the proper precautions. You can use the lovely Vitamin C day cream which has SPF 30 in it from Body Shop which I use everyday and gives me brightening but also protection. That's how I deal with it. 

My favourite products
Sunday Riley - Luna
Indeed Labs- Retinol Reface

So that's my first instalment, I'm only recommending products I've used and bought, there are more but it's worth while exploring now you have the field narrowed. 
I'm going to continue with the acids, AHA BHA, BHS, MFI, B&Q, ok, ok I'm taking the piss now but I'm going to be talking AHA, BHA acids and what they do next time round.

Now go forth and moisturise!

Much Love

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