Vintage 3 Ways: Plus Size Vintage Style

City Edit created with products from Simply Be
Some of us love rummaging through vintage stores to get that vintage look that we love, but there's something fabulous about being able to find that piece on the rail in our size and without any fuss. As a plus size gal, I'm not a fan of putting labels on people but I wholeheartedly support brands that are breaking away from straight sizes and running their sizing across the board. FABULOUS.

So today I've picked my favourite pieces and brought them together to give you vintage style in 3 different ways, the day look, the evening showgirl and the 70's aesthetic. 

Showgirl Edit created with products from Simply Be
Vintage Day Edit, takes the glamour of leopard print and leather but dresses it down with Adidas croc trainers. With a pair of black tights and finished off with the Marc Jacobs bowling bag, it's a cute casual piece of glamour. 

Sequin Showgirl Style Edit- Brings  women's rose gold sequin dress realness alongside hard metallic. The vintage element arrives with the Victoriana style sequin cape. You could pair with some strappy sandals but I prefer the edge the boots give.

Almost Famous 70s Style Edit created with products from Simply Be
Almost Famous Style Edit- I love 70s style, think Kate Hudson in Almost Famous for this one. It won't look costumey, I promise. The dress gives you that bold pattern, the extended ankle boot with bare legs brings the right style to the look. Cover with the faux fur coat and add a hat for blowy autumn days.

Much Love

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