Fabuloss Tea Giveaway

I was offered the chance to review the Fabuloss Detox tea and give away 2 packs to a lucky winner. I love tea and detox and cleansing teas are my favourites. Not because I need them to detox, hello that's what my liver is for, but because they are wonderful for bloating and dropping that horrible swollen water weight which us girls often deal with. 

My favourite bloat recipe is dandelion tea, 1 tbsp cranberry, 1 tbsp lemon juice and boiling water. That helps your kidneys and liver and your digestion and gets rid of excess water. Fabuloss works a similar way, it has the ingredients which act like a mild diuretic to help you get rid of bloat. 

I have 2 to give away, the morning tea which is fruits and berry flavour, and the night tea which has a licorice undertone. Remember that as you drink them you will have an easier time dealing with bloat but you also need to keep drinking your normal water intake as you can end up dehydrated. 

A great way of getting rid of bloat for Christmas parties! 

Entries are open to UK based applicants

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