Dawnie Says Relax: Thermal Spa Experience

Recently, I was invited to check out the brand new thermal spa at Olympia Leisure Centre in Belfast. I love a spa, I really do and the opportunity to get a gorgeous Elemis facial peel and spend a very rainy, cold Monday in warm thermal heat was ideal.

The stunning Kemilia looked after me and gave me the most relaxing facial I've ever had. The resurfacing peel facial strips away all the dead skin and penetrates into the facial layers to leave you with an incredible glow.

The 50 minute treatment firstly smells amazing. Let's be clear no one has the energy, time and patience to apply and remove, all the many layers of this treatment at home, so it was incredible have it done for me. My treatment included a head and neck massage and I almost fell asleep during it. At the little gong my treatment was complete.

Post treatment I was advised to take a moment to relax and slowly get up and re calibrate myself. Wrapping myself back up in my robe I made my way back into the thermal spa.

Now I was torn when writing this review because I enjoyed the spa so much that I wanted to not write anything nice about it so that no one would go and I could have it to myself forever. According to my husband though that's not very ethical and apparently if no one goes they might close and then that will defeat the purpose. Damn.

So I have to be honest and say I was so relaxed I could have been scraped of the floor. The spa is gorgeous, the sauna and steam room were absolutely glorious. Having had a cold for pretty much all of January the opportunity to get some heat into my body and through my airways was amazing. Also feeling your skin as it gets rid of impurities and your pores open is so good. It's strange because I realised as I was sitting there in my swim suit I've spent the last 6 months getting changed so quickly and putting on layers and layers, so it was like, 'hello body where have you been?'

The hydrotherapy pool was so fabulous, lots of natural stone and powerful jets, at one point I was sitting all alone in the spa drinking my lemon and fruit tea infused water, whilst the bubble jets were pounding the knots from my muscles, looking at the grey rainy sky outside and laughing deliriously at everyone getting cold rained on whilst I was the bubble queen. HAHAHA, I didn't say I was nice, but that's spa life, it makes you very fancy, very quickly.

So after I'd pottered back and forth to refill my water, I lay on the heated mosaic beds, ate an apple and had a brief nap; after all I'd had a hard day I finally had to accept that I needed to go home. I felt so relaxed and so good about having spent time on me that I've already booked another session for me and Himself to relax. 

I had a hair appointment the next day, and best thing ever, my hairdresser Zara (hey girl) wanted to know exactly what my make up was because my skin was 'INSANE' and I got to say, 'well actually I had a facial yesterday'. The thing was though, she wasn't wrong, my skin glowed, it was bright and fresh and just so good.

So yeah, it was totally awesome, I can't lie. Much as I want to keep it to myself I appreciate that it isn't ethical to do so (blah blah blah). Go, enjoy yourself, relax, buy the cinnamon and black pepper muscle rub spray because it is amazing and essentially I would happily wear it as perfume mmmm. 

So enjoy yourself, it's a purpose built must, and it's my new happy place. 
For bookings you can look at https://www.spaexperience.org.uk/

Much Love


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