Ice Ice Baby: My Cryotherapy Journey with Advanced Non Surgical Solutions

Sometimes when you've been around in the beauty industry for a long time you get surprised by new treatments. This was the case with me, I like to think of myself as a cold, hardened sceptic, and I rarely believe the hype with anything, but I had begun to hear about cryotherapy and the results were compelling.

I looked at the before pictures and the afters, taken a half hour apart at the start and end of the treatment and there was a noticeable difference. But we've all heard about the wraps, they promise a lot and then when you drink again the water weight bounces straight back. So I contacted Claire who runs Advanced Non Surgical Solutions in Belfast, who had brought her cryotherapy practice over from England. She was up for a challenge and I was up for finding out what the reality of this treatment was.

Clients should expect to lose between 2-7 inches in their first treatment, and have their metabolism revved up by the cold.

 here's the science-

When the outer body drops to the correct temperature needed for the inner the body to react, it  sends signals back and forth to the brain, your body is read and the information is supplied to the brain. These messages contain what damages there are to the tissues or bone, or if there is excessive fat cells or cellulite or lack of elasticity, collagen or skin damage. If there are excessive fat cells and cellulite, the fat cells will collapse at a warmer temperature than healthy cells, which reduces the density of fat giving the desired loss in body excess and dress sizes.

'Cryotherapy reaches –160 degrees via a liquid nitrogen tank. The nitrogen is filtered and pushed out through a funnel in the form of an ice-cold vapour.
When the sub-zero temperature touches the skin, the sudden drop in heat motivates the temperature receptors, prompting the brain to transmit messages throughout the body. The Capillaries then undergo severe vasoconstriction to protect the essentials organs and the core temperature from dropping.

The inner body reacts
Fight or flight response reaction forms which increases the metabolic rate and endorphins. The metabolic rate speeds up and burns around 800 calories and the increase of endorphins gives a natural emotional high and increase in energy.

As the body regains back to normal temperature via our lymphatic massage which stimulates the lymphatic system flooding, delivering all the healing proteins, collagen, anti-oxidants – and body repairs its self to the treated area .Toxins, bacteria and inflammation are removed. '


Claire treats people for chronic pain, any part of the body can be treated so those with arthritis, injuries, muscular issues and pain are able to feel better. Many of Claire's clients are sports people, competitive body builders, keen runners who are using cryotherapy as a way to heal their body quicker by pushing oxygen to the affected areas and helping them to heal. With professional footballers using cryotherapy as a standard in injury recovery and prevention, the treatment is becoming more mainstream.

The inch loss elements of cryotherapy are a wonderful aside to a very beneficial treatment. I had my first treatment on Thursday and Claire marked me up so she could measure accurately both before and after. We took my pictures (no heads in any, thankfully) so we could compare. You get to lie on a lovely heated bed and covered in towels with one portion of my stomach uncovered for the first half of my treatment.

When the -130 degrees hit my skin I have to say it was a nice dry cold. Not overly cold, uncomfortable or sore in any way. Like standing in front of a fan, a slightly cold one. We did one side for 8 minutes and then Claire gave me a fabulously firm lymphatic massage on my stomach which actually was so relaxing. The massage is a crucial part of the treatment helping to breakdown the frozen cells and send them through to the lymphatic drainage system. Another 8 minutes on the other side and a 5 minute massage and we were done! 


I have to say I was so sceptical but when Claire measured me again and added up the results from waist lower waist and bra line, I had lost 6 and a half inches. More to the point in my photos you could really see it. No slouching, no holding in your stomach no tanning just me standing there in the same position in the same clothes.

The test of course is does it stay off. Now I've noticed a difference in my clothes, my family have even mentioned it to me. I'm looking forward to my measurements on Thursday again to see if the inches have stayed off.

My favourite part of the treatment wasn't the inch loss (although that was fabulous) it was the incredible energy boost it gave me, I marched home after my treatment. Cleaned the house, and then did some manic dancing to the Spice Girls in my kitchen. It was wonderful, especially as someone who has a low thyroid! 

Stay tuned, I'm going to be blogging my cryotherapy journey with Claire and maybe when I'm a bit less embarrassed I'll put up my before and afters! So follow along with me and get in touch.

Much Love

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