My Cryotherapy Journey: Week 3 The Shaping

So it's week three of cryotherapy with Advanced Non Surgical Solutions and it has been fascinating to see what the progress would be. For those of you who want to catch up you can read about week one, and week two. So there was a loss that I was seeing in my pictures but I had wondered if it was going to be sustainable.

I went back to Claire for my third treatment, my mum was having the second in the package she bought. Focusing on my stomach again to tighten and tone the treatment was really relaxing and the massage worked the broken up fat out. So the tape measure again! 

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I hosted a survey, the results were surprising! 
And the result, one and a half inches off, taking my total to an impressive 11 and a half inches in the three weeks. According to Claire the losses do slow does as everything reshapes and lifts, this is when the shaping takes a hold and we move away from just the blitzing of the surface fat cells which get shifted in the first week.

Claire calls this the time when it makes the effects permanent, the long term crystallised fat is a more stubborn challenge, but it has been there for a long time, it didn't appear overnight after all. I was chatting with Claire and she was saying that when we get into the crystallised it tends to be more long lasting due to the nature of how fat is deposited and stored. 

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The lovely Claire

So in my third treatment the effects are becoming clear, but it has been interesting as the process changes and shapes. It would be easy to think that huge white cell loss would happen every week, but the body doesn't work like that. So in your third week and onward don't be discouraged if your inch loss slows down. The shaping pulls in and up that is the point of the photos, so that every week you can see the changes that the tape measure isn't able to show you. The lifting, the moving etc and see how the treatment is affecting your body. 

I'll be reporting on my 4th treatment tomorrow, so follow my instagram @inanitysgirl for updated results and as usual I will be answering all your questions so we can see how week four changes things. 

The purpose of this blog series has been to introduce you to a new beauty treatment, and show you how it works from the inside out. As usual I can only speak from my own experience, the way I see it is that if we try it out together giving you the ins and outs you will have a better idea of what the treatment is really about. 

So fingers crossed for week four!
Much Love

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