My Cryotherapy Journey: Week Two

Losing dem inches like...

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It's week two on my Cryo journey with Advanced Non Surgical Solutions  after the success of my first week I was so excited to find out if my loss would be sustained through to the next week. I mean that is what we all want to know isn't it? How many of us have had wraps and potions, lotions and rubs which have promised sustainability and health, muscle tone, bright eyes and bushy tails, no wait, that's dog food, but you know what I mean!

So week two, if you missed the week one post catch up with it here, So I'd bounced out of Non Surgical Solutions with the energy of a demented puppy and 6 and a half inches off my stomach. It was an exciting day!

Image may contain: one or more peopleBut obviously I was more interested to see if when I went back my measurements were the same. The sustainability was something I had been asked about by everyone on my instagram, ranging from 'was it water weight?' to 'where does it go?'. Firstly, not water weight, secondly you pee it out, good huh?
So back I went, all excited and we got to freezing. Nope it's still not sore for those who asked. We had a lovely freeze and a firm but friendly lymphatic massage to manhandle my crystalised fat. And then the moment of truth, tape measure and photo time (I will share my photos at the end of the series).

So same photo, same place, same pose, snappy snap. Another 2 and a half inches down, but the strangest thing, my tummy had got higher. How does your tummy get higher, my bellybutton was much higher the skin was tighter. Claire, a seasoned pro at this, says its what happens, the skin gets tighter, everything moves up as it goes in, and it's the craziest thing. I have two photos of myself standing side by side and in the second one my bellybutton is two inches higher. Isn't that mad? 

Image may contain: 3 people, close-upSo even though I didn't have that big inch loss like the first week, which apparently again is normal, we lose more our first week due to the white fat cells being busted and then week two we get into those ones that have had squatters rights for quite some time. The difference is very much visually, things start looking different, the shape that was once rounded has got higher and flatter. It's really exciting. I'm back in again tomorrow so I'm looking forward to telling you about the results of that session, will things get higher or thinner or both. Will there be any loss? I don't know but I'm looking forward to finding out. That's 9 inches in two weeks for me.

My mum bought some sessions also and in her first week she lost 7 and a half inches on her stomach, she's having a session after me tomorrow, so I'll report back on her as well. 
I wanted to show some pictures of Claire's clients who are having the facial cryosculpt, the ice as we all know boosts oxygenation so in a facial it tightens the skin, kills bacteria with the temperature of the treatment and lifts. I will definitely be buying a set of treatments for the face because it gives really beautiful lifted and plumped results. Also it helps deal with inflammation due to the oxygen and collagen stimulation, which is why it's so effective on arthritis and joint pain. 
If you're in get Claire to show you her one super young hand from using it primarily for facials, it is amazing, reminded me of this!

As usual folks I'll be doing Instagram stories live tomorrow so check out @inanityandthegirl for updates and apart from that have a great weekend guys!

Much Love

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