Saint Valentine: Bees Love Argento

I was surprised on Valentines Day not by my husband but by the lovely guys at Argento Belfast! An early Valentine arrived with a gift voucher to treat myself in their store and I needed no excuse! 

Argento have recently opened at my local shopping centre Forestside and the store is beautiful. I called in and although they have an incredible range I knew EXACTLY what I wanted. Argento have started doing the Olivia Burton range and it is stunning. I'm a big fan of Alex Monroe's bees so I gravitated there quickly!


The stunning rose gold bee ring was a definite and it seemed only apt. For those of you in the know you'll know that St Valentine is the patron saint of beekeepers as well as his more famous role. 


All the bees together! 

Thank you so much Argento, the range is beautiful and the shop is gorgeous. I feel so spoiled! 

Lots of love


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