Your Hydrate Mate: Image Skincare, Total Pure Hyaluronic Filler

Hydration is good. That should be the take away from this post, hydration is good, hydrate your skin, it will stop you getting wrinkles. 

I've used Image Skincare for a long time, I've written about some of my favourite pieces of theirs before, they have some of the most fabulous brighteners around. I got a really lovely surprise when the fine folks from Image sent me their Ageless Total Pure Hyaluronic Filler

total pure hyaluronic fillerHyaluronic acid is an incredibly important element for hydrating your skin. You'll now find hyaluronic in loads of products, even my SPF has hyaluronic acid in it!

So what does hyaluronic do?
A good hyaluronic acid turns your skin into a giant sponge, it holds 1000 times its weight in water, so when you put it on before a moisturiser it sucks up everything it can, and makes your moisturiser more effective. So you're increasing your moisturisers strength and keeping it in for longer. 

Image Ageless Hyaluronic Filler
Contains concentrated hyaluronic acid, apricot essential oil, vitamin B5 and anti oxidant vitamin E. This serum can be used completely on its own, the hyaluronic acid packs the skin with the oil, the vitamins and extra moisture. The serum is designed to plump the skin up, and it really does. I put it on in the morning after I cleanse my skin. It's really versatile though and light I like to use it with a moisturiser depending on what I want on my skin that day. 

I need to stress you can absolutely use this by itself, it is a beautiful serum which will plump your skin, I like to put it on and then follow it with a moisturiser because not only does it act well by itself, it turns the volume right up on your moisturiser making it even more effective.

So the hyaluronic turns your skin into a giant sponge, and your moisturiser gets sucked in even more effectively. A lovely little product, light and plays well with others. If you don't already have a hyaluronic in your regime it's worthwhile getting one.

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Much Love

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