My Skincare Shame: The Secrets I Probably Shouldn't Tell

I'm supposed to be into skincare, and I am and I guess that's the problem, I'm TOO into skincare. In fact so into skincare that my skin nearly falls off sometimes because I put too much darn stuff on it. 

You see that's the thing about being a skincare blogger, you want to try everything. In fact often you want to try all the things all the time and you end up putting it all on or having no self control when new things arrive. The results of doing this are bad.

So today I'm confessing, I have been using nothing on my face this week at all apart from my SPF because I've over-exfoliated the living daylights out of my skin and it is dry, annoyed and I have spots because my whole top layer is too stripped. YUP. 

I literally used anti spot skincare and gave myself spots. Too damn much. 

So here's the thing and I know this, in fact I do know this. I tell people off for using their Alpha H Liquid Gold too much because it does just this. 

So with the increase in acid exfoliators our there, I know because I've bought most of them and I can't restrain my damn self, don't use too many. And if you're using things like The Ordinary and I know they can be bewildering at the best of times, make sure you know what you're using, different acid same results. 

Rule of thumb for any new acid lovers out there, use it once a week. Don't be like me and use the high strength glycolic, and then follow it with an AHA BHA peel the next day alongside a daily retinol just because you want to see what it does. DON'T.

So that's my dirty skincare secret. What about you guys?

Much Love

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