Wabi Skincare: Coffee Scrub to Go!

I'm a really big fan of championing independent products which are fabulous and that's why we're talking Wabi Skincare (@wabiskincare on instagram and twitter). They're an ethically sourced, organic, fair trade company that make the most faaaaaabulous coffee scrub infused with natural oils and real damn coffee beans. 

They're a small independent, they're based in London and they ship internationally, which is a great start. I was trying the Mocha and Peppermint scrub which has Arabica beans and is enriched with cacao butter and coconut oil, so you're exfoliating away any dead skin and moisturising at the same time, boom time saving maximum achieved. 

So I've been using this for the last month and it is a cracker, your skin is really soft, moisturised and glowing and not only that but it is super good craic to cover yourself in coffee and looking like a mud monster and washing it off to come out all sparkly clean. Very satisfying. My skin felt great and I smelled like a giant After Eight which genuinely was one of the most delightful things ever, my husband kept sniffing me.

You can use my code WABIBEAUTYBLOGGER to get discount on any purchases you make, shipping is free so fill your boots friends. And a tub of scrub lasts a long time! 


Much Love

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