My Favourite Things: My Daily Products

So here we are, the breakdown, done with Patternator, because I'm obsessed. 
Here's what I use EVERY DAMN DAY. These will hydrate glow and get your skin looking fab.
First up, Hylamide, Low Molecular HA, use it plentifully, every morning, after you clean your face, under the eyes all over the face. Use with abandon.

Follow Hylamide with The Body Shop Vitamin E Day Emulsion, it has SPF, it melts into your skin. It has more hyaluronic in it, you're plumping all the fine lines out of your skin, you're giving it that dewy moisturised finish and you're protecting it for the whole day. Bang it on. Don't forget your neck. 

My favourite foundation, I've tried every one on the market and none leave my skin like this one. More vitamin E more moisturisation, dewy glowy, very buildable. They've stopped making it but you can still find it online. Glowy rested skin for the win. 

After all that, get your liner on, Stila is the best, it just is Stay All Day, I've been using for years and it is the only one I go to. Get it darkest black and non budging!

Pillow Talk by Charlotte Tilbury is a new favourite. Smoother than a usual matte, a really good colour that gives you lips without looking overdone for an every day look. It's a lipstick I'm really loving. You don't even need to look to apply it!

Finish up at night with my current favourite thing. Drops of Light Liquid Peel from The Body Shop. Sluices off dead or dull skin leaving you with fresh bright glowy new skin it is flipping awesome. 
Dont take my word for it, try it yourself!

I've not been sponsored or sent any of these, this is just what I buy, what I use what I love. No money changed hands. Although if you want to send me more lol feel free! People keep swiping them.

Much Love

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