Bloggers for Women: Supporting Girls Worldwide

Hi guys,

Today a change in tone from me, I want your help, I need your help. Blogging is made up of 80% women, and we share our thoughts, our tips and our secrets, I want us to share a little more with girls around the world.
We've all been inundated with gift guides, and commercials, what to buy, who to buy for, when you should buy, it's very buy, buy,  buy at the moment and that can feel a little cold.

I want us to come together at this time of year and help other women and girls around the world.

You can Donate NOW

Help girls who are forced into child marriage at only 8 and taken out of education
Help girls who aren't allowed to work
Help girls who face abuse
Help girls who face female genital mutilation
Help girls to stay in school. 

With your help I want us to raise some money, from girls, for girls.

I want us to raise a donation to Plan International's Girls Fund £15 is enough for 5 girls to get birth certificates to prove they're too young to marry.

'When you give to the Girls Fund, you’ll help keep girls out of child marriage and in school. By providing school books, training teachers and making schools safer for girls to learn, their families will have alternative ways out of poverty and you’ll help reduce the risk of them being married. You’ll also help raise awareness of the dangers of other forms of abuse, like FGM and violence towards girls.

Vitally, you’ll help communities see the value of girls. Through projects working with girls, boys, women and men, you’ll ensure girls’ voices are heard and they’re given the same opportunities to go to school and achieve their potential. Because when a girl goes to school, she can achieve incredible things for herself, her family and her community.'

The internet filled with incredible, motivated, creative women (and men) and I'd like us all to even donate 50p and see if we can deliver a blogger present to support girls. If you can't donate, share widely, there are so many of us and even the tiniest donation counts! Lets use social media for the good!

All proceeds of course go to Plan International, Go Fund me I think take 5% of all donations (thanks Go Fund Me) but a donation will be made from all of us and I hope to get Plan International in on the social media shares too. 

Please share, share widely. You don't have to be a blogger or a woman to donate, go mad with it! 

Give generously, it's Christmas!

Much Love


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